Trauma - Case 1

A 15 year old boy was riding his mountain bike through the bush when a branch suddenly hit him in the face around his left eye about 1 hour prior to seeing you.  He said that his lower eyelid felt "funny".  He had no visual complaints.

Examination reveals visual acuity of 20/20 bilaterally, visual fields normal to confrontation, pupils equally round and reactive to light, and normal extraocular movements.  Funduscopy appeared normal bilaterally.  Palpation of the orbital rim elucidated no pain or bony defect.  External inspection of the eye appeared normal, except for a partial thickness laceration of the left lower lid (below).

Case 1

How would you manage this lid injury?

Suture the wound
Allow to heal by secondary intention
Steristrips across the wound
Refer to an ophthalmologist
None of the above