Clinical Clerkship in Obstetrics & Gynecology

To study the phenomena of disease without books
is to sail an uncharted sea,
while to study books without patients is not to go to sea at all. 
Sir William Osler

Our clerkship program provides a rich clinical experience for our senior medical students to equip them to deliver compassionate, high-quality care in women's health.  This six-week rotation is divided equally between clinics, obstetrics and gynecology.  We offer a choice of two teaching sites in Winnipeg: St. Boniface Hospital and Women's Hospital.  In the obstetrics portion of the rotation, the clinical clerks gain in-patient and outpatient experience by helping to care for women with low and high risk pregnancies.  On the delivery units, they participate in vaginal deliveries and cesarean sections under the supervision of our teaching faculty.  During the gynecology component of the rotation the students become part of the patient-care team on one of our in-patient units where they work side-by-side with attending gynecologists, residents, nurses and other health professionals.  In this capacity they help to care for women undergoing surgery and those who are admitted to hospital for treatment or investigation of gynecological conditions such as uterine fibroids, tubal pregnancy, miscarriage or cancer.  During the clinic component, our students have protected clinic time with no on-call responsibilities. We also provide diverse experience in well-woman care, contraception and menopause through our outpatient facilities.   

Formal Teaching

In order to expand the student's knowledge base, interactive small group teaching sessions led by faculty are scheduled weekly.  These sessions are designed to provide opportunities for discussion and feedback as well as to ensure that the student's clinical experience is understood in the context of the best available scientific evidence.  Students also attend departmental teaching rounds and informal teaching rounds with residents. The pelvic examination is taught by specially trained women in the highly successful Clinical Teaching Associates Program. A hands-on simulation lab has been developed to allow students practice in important procedural techniques and to improve their surgical skills.


Clerkship is further enhanced by our Department's innovative use of technology.  Our students use online technology to access lectures, PowerPoint presentations, videos, case-studies, and web-links. They also complete an evidence-based medicine project.  At the end of the rotation the students are encouraged to give feedback regarding our program at our scheduled exit interviews.



The clerks use a learning portfolio to document their clinical experiences. The deliveries and surgeries they attend are documented as well. In order to successfully complete the rotation, our students must pass a standardized written examination as well as a clinical assessment based on their logbooks, learning portfolios, evidence-based medicine project and direct observation by faculty and residents.  We are committed to providing a clinically diverse, educationally sound clerkship rotation in obstetrics and gynecology that will allow these student physicians to offer excellent care to their female patients now and in the future.