Department Research

Michael E. Helewa, MD, FRCSC
Associate Head Research,
Medical Director of the Women's Health Program 

Mrs. Carolyn Major
Research Admin. Asst.
D2051 - 409 Tache Avenue
PH: (204) 237-2192

Over the past couple of years, significant restructuring in our department took place for the purpose of better organizing our research activities. Following the appointment of an Associate Head of Research, the section incorporated a director of resident research, recruited a basic scientist who is an epidemiologist, methodologist, and identified several clinical scientists from our department. The character of Women’s health research activity in our department is multidisciplinary collaborating with the other faculties such as Nursing, Anesthesiology, Pediatrics, Genetics, and Community Health. The faculty research activities to date, as well as the number and quality of our publications and national and international presentations have increased recently. This website allows you to browse the list of research projects involving our faculty and residents. Much of that research is supported by local and national funds, such as those obtained from the Manitoba Institute for Child Health, University of Manitoba Research Council, Manitoba Health, and the Canadian Institute for Child Health (CIHR).

Research Education is integral to the activities of this section. Our newly acquired basic scientist/epidemiologist has organized an educational course for our residents in research methodology, biostatistics, and critical appraisal. This is in addition to the availability of many other educational activities for our senior faculty through University of Manitoba.

A five-year strategic plan has been formulated. One of our plans is to establish a provincial perinatal database in cooperation with Manitoba Health in general and through Mother and Child Health (MACHS) and eHealth in particular. Many players at the University of Manitoba have been identified to help us achieve that goal.

Given what we have achieved in the past, we look forward to on evolving bright future is research for our department. We have achieved many recent milestones for which we are proud. It might be your worthwhile to get to know what we have to offer and what we are about.

Dr. Michelle Liu,  Assistant Professor and Senior Epidemiologist

John Buhler
Research Centre
807M - 715 McDermot Ave
Winnipeg, MB  R3E 3P4
P: (204) 480-1363

I am a faculty member and genetic epidemiologist in the University of Manitoba.  My research focuses on identifying casual genes for human disorders, such as cancer and neurodevelopment disorders, using statistical methods.

As the senior epidemiologist in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, I work to support our residents and faculty members with their research endeavours, ranging from teaching research methods (with Drs. Shayne Taback and Vanessa Poliquin), assisting residents and faculty members with their journal clubs, grant applications, ethics applications, abstracts, and manuscripts for publication, to research project collaborations. 

My goal is to help them to be the best clinical scholar they can be.  After all, the University of Manitoba is the place where Dr. Henry Friesen (the discoverer of human prolactin) and the RH Laboratory (the producer of the Rh immune vaccine, WinRho) made their marks in the history of medicine.