Vision Statement

The Department of Medical Microbiology is an integrated team of investigators, educators and practitioners providing leading edge education, innovative research and expertise in Medical Microbiology/Infectious Diseases. The Department is a trusted authority providing timely and accessible information on current and emerging issues in Infectious Diseases. The Department is seen nationally and internationally as dynamic leaders and collaborators. It is acknowledged for excellence in numerous areas, and is constantly developing new research initiatives in Infectious Diseases.

Our department includes individuals with diverse interests and expertise. We recognize each others’ strengths and abilities. We work together, inclusive of all, in achieving our common goals, building this work on open, amicable communication and collaboration. The leadership, at all levels, within the department guides the pursuit of our strategic goals and facilitates individual creativity, mentorship, coordination of work and sharing of resources and opportunities. We ensure a friendly working environment of trust, respect and collegiality.

The quality of health, health care and disease prevention in Manitoba, Canada and the world is improved through the integrated efforts of the experts in the Department. Through our excellence in practice, research and education, we attract learners, educators, researchers and industry to develop the next generation of global leaders in Infectious Disease. Our efforts create and translate new knowledge, shape policy , contribute to economic growth to improve the lives of those in the region and throughout the world.