Graduate Student Admissions
All students are responsible for understanding the policies, regulations and guidelines of the University of Manitoba , the Faculty of Graduate Studies, as well as, their Department/Program of Study. It should be noted that the following supplemental regulations do not supersede those of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Therefore, all advisors and students must familiarize themselves with the regulations of the Faculty. Copies of the Academic Guide of the Faculty of Graduate Studies: Compendium of Regulations, Policies, Practices and Forms are available from the Faculty office on the main campus and at

 Admission Deadlines

Applications to all programs and the required accompanying documents should be received in the FACULTY  of GRADUATE STUDIES no later than the following:

Program Start Date

Canadian/US Deadline

International Deadline


June 1

March 1


October 1

July 1

Online applications now available: please visit the following link on the Faculty of Graduate Studies website: .  Previous or continuing students can apply using Aurora Student (enter Secure Area).

Please note that the department is not responsible for finding supervisors for potential students.  Applicants should visit the Faculty and Staff link on this web page for the list of faculty members and contact those with research areas of interest regarding available student positions.

Admission Requirements

The Department offers a pre-master's program and graduate training with a research requirement leading to the Master of Science (MSc) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Medical Microbiology.

For the MSc program, the individual normally should:

  • hold a 4-year life science degree or HOLD A DEGREE IN MEDICINE, DENTISTRY OR VETERINARY MEDICINE
  • Students with a 3-year general BSc degree must normally enroll in a Pre-Master's program which is arranged in consultation with the potential supervisor and approved by the Graduate Studies Committee (GSC).
  • It is expected that all applicants will have at least 12 credit hours in undergraduate, university-level Microbiology. It is strongly recommended that all students have taken introductory courses in cell biology, molecular biology and immunology.

For the PhD program, the individual should have an MSc degree (or equivalent) in related areas including microbiology, parasitology, immunology, epidemiology, biochemistry or molecular biology.

Evaulation Procedure for Admission to Pre-Master, MSc and PhD Programs

Applications posted to the Graduate Studies Admissions Review site are previewed by the Department Graduate Program Coordinator.  If eligible, the applications are then given to the Graduate Studies Committee Chair/Members for review and recommended/not recommended to the Faculty of Graduate Studies.  If recommended by the department, the Faculty of Graduate Studies performs the final assessment and sends their decision to the applicant either as a rejection or as a letter of offer for admission.  If not recommended by the department, the Faculty of Graduate Studies will mail the applicant a rejection letter without further review of the returned application.

For Pre-Master and MSc applicants:

If the applicant's acceptance is recommended and s/he has indicated a supervisor(s) with whom s/he wishes to study, the Chair will instruct the Graduate Studies Coordinator to forward a copy of the entire application to potential supervisor(s) accompanied by an application review form. If the applicant is accepted by a potential supervisor, the supervisor so indicates in writing to the Chair. The original application is then signed as “Recommends Acceptance” and into what program by the Chair (or Department Head) and forwarded to the Faculty of Graduate Studies who makes the final recommendation. If no supervisor has been indicated, the Coordinator will ask the applicant for a maximum of three names of potential supervisors.

For PhD applicants:

The same procedure as above is followed; in addition, a PhD Selection Committee is set up by the Department Head on which the potential supervisor and a member of GSC sit, to review the application and make the recommendation. The Selection Committee Report is signed by the Committee and accompanies the application to Graduate Studies. If Graduate Studies approves the application, the student is then required to submit a Program of Study, which can be viewed on the Graduate Studies website.

The Department requires that an incoming student must have a minimum grade point average of 3.0 or its equivalent in the two years immediately preceding first registration as well as meet the general regulations of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Grade point equivalency from international schools is calculated by the Department using the International Equivalency Criteria on the University of Manitoba website as a guideline.

The Faculty of Graduate Studies makes the final decision on acceptance of any applicant.

Incoming applications are reviewed by the Graduate Studies Chair and then given to his/her assistant on the GSC, the Graduate Studies Coordinator.

Graduate Pogram Coordinator:
Angela Nelson 204-789-3444
Graduate Students