Dr. Wen Zhong
Associate Professor
Department of Medical Microbiology, University of Manitoba
Degrees: B.E. 1996 China Textile University, PhD 2001 China Textile University, Postdoctoral associate, University of California, Davis 2002-2004
Address: H579 Duff Roblin Building, University of Manitoba, R3T 2N2, Canada

Phone: (204) 474-9913, Fax: (204) 474-7592

email: wen.zhong@umanitoba.ca

Research Interests:

  • Nanofibers/nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery
  • Functional nanofibers for biomedical end uses
  • Trans-dermal drug delivery
  • Transport behavior of fibrous/biomedical materials
  • Biodegradable polymers

Research Supported By: 

  • NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada) Discovery
  • NSERC RTI (Research Tools and Instrument)
  • CFI (Canada Foundation for Innovation)
  • MHRC (Manitoba Health Research Council)
  • MMSF (Manitoba Medical Service Foundation)
  • URGP (University Research Grant Program)
  • Faculty of Human Ecology Startup funds and Research Associate funds

  -  2011 Rh Award in Natural Sciences from the Winnipeg Rh Foundation

Recent Publications and Journals Articles:

Chen, J., Qiu, X., Wang, L., Zhong, W., Kong, J., and Xing M. (2014). Free‐Standing Cell Sheet Assembled with Ultrathin Extracellular Matrix as an Innovative Approach for Biomimetic Tissues. Advanced Functional Materials, DOI: 10.1002/adfm.201302949.

Chen, J., Shi, M., Liu P., Ko, A., Zhong, W., Liao W., and Xing, M. (2014). Reducible polyamidoamine-magnetic iron oxide self-assembled nanoparticles for doxorubicin delivery. Biomaterials, 35: 1240-1248.

Tian, Y., Glogowska, A., Zhong, W., Klonisch, T., and Xing, M. (2013). Polymeric mesoporous silica nanoparticles as a pH-responsive switch to control doxorubicin intracellular delivery.  Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 1: 5264-5272.

Chen, J., Ouyang, J., Kong, J., Zhong, W., Xing, M. (2013). Photo-crosslinked and pH sensitive biodegradable micelles for doxorubicin delivery. ACS applied Materials & Interfaces, 5: 3108-3117. 

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Chen, J., Xing, M. and Zhong, W. (2011).

Degradable micelles based on hydrolytically degradable amphiphilic graft copolymers for doxorubicin delivery. Polymer, 52(4), 933-941.

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