Dr. Niazi Wassay
Lecturer, Department of Medical Microbiology , University of Manitoba

Degrees: M.D. Minsk (Belarus) 1985

Mailing Address: 302-750 Kenaston Blvd, Winnipeg, MB R3N 1Y3

Tel: (204) 947-9046 Cell: (204)952-1201
Research Interests:
Stop Afghan Aids

Recent Publications:
  1. Niazi, A.W. & Gordon, R. (2008) ABCD: How  to Stay Out of HIV/AIDS in Afghanistan, published in Afghanistan alive magazine (6), Kabul, Afghanistan, http://www.afghanistanalive.com/Ed6/HIV2.htm.


  2. Niazi, A.W., N.K. Björklund, R. Gordon & M.N. Hassas (2008). Injection drug use is the main vector for  HIV/AIDS infection in Afghanistan in preparation


  3. Ahmad, B., R. Gordon, B.B. Goldberg, A.W. Niazi & A. Niroomand-Rad (2008). A survey of medical physics and biomedical instrumentation needs of Afghanistan. (Abstract # 269). In: IOMP-ICMP 16 th   International  conference , Dubai,  April 14-18      Abstract # 269 attached.


  4. Niazi, W. & R. Gordon (2006). Stop Afghan AIDS (SAA) [Poster THPE0254, Abstract A-011-0147-20149]. In:  AIDS 2006, XVI International AIDS Conference.     { http://www.aids2006.org/]


  5. Vitamin A+E therapy of Viral hepatitis. I988 Kabul Medical Institute


  6. Treatment of Chloramphenicol resistant stains of S. typhi.1989 Kabul medical institiute
  7. Epidemiology of Brucellosis 1987kabul Medical Institute.
  8. Text book on Infectious diseases.1998 Afghan University , Peshawar Pakistan .
  9. Text book on Tuberculosis 2000 Afghan university Peshawar Pakistan .


  • Ethan Rubinstein Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, University of Manitoba
  • Abba Gumel Department of Mathematics, University of Manitoba
  • Richard Gordon Department of Radiology, University of Manitoba