Dr. Cindy R. Corbett
Adjunct Professor Department of Medical Microbiology , College of Medicine, University of Manitoba

Degrees: BSc. Cellular Molecular and Microbial Biology ( Calgary , 1998)PhD. Microbiology and Infectious Diseases ( Calgary , 2004)

Mailing Address: Emerging Bacterial Pathogens Division, National Microbiology Laboratory, 1015 Arlington Street, Winnipeg , Manitoba , Canada , R3E 3R2

Tel: (204) 784-5929, Fax: (204) 789-5009, Lab: (204) 784-5928,
Email: cindi.corbett@canada.ca

Due to the current pandemic, Dr. Cindi Corbett is not taking on any students at this time

Research Interests:
My research interests include the study of multi-drug resistant pathogens as well as, potential bacterial agents of bioterror for the development of novel immunotherapeutic and diagnostic reagents.

One specific research area entails the characterization of organisms isolated from the sputa of Cystic Fibrosis patients at both the genomic and phenotypic level. Characterization of these pathogens will enable the study of interspecies communication of these bacteria with other pathogens in the CF lung. Furthermore, identification and study of putative virulence factors is being conducted.

Recent Publications:

For a list of Dr. Corbett's publications, please click here

  1. Corbett, C. R ., Garbutt, M., Ballegeer, E., Simpson, L. L., and J. D. Berry. Development and Epitope Characterization of Sero-specific Monoclonal Antibody to C. botulinum neurotoxin type A. ( In preparation ).
  2. Corbett, C. R ., Elias, M., Simpson, L. L., Cassan, R. R., Ballegar, E., Kabani, A., Plummer, F. A. and J. D. Berry. (2007). High-throughput Homogeneous Immunoassay Readily Identifies Monoclonal Antibody to Serovariant Clostridial Neurotoxins. (Accepted J. Immunol. Methods JIM-D-07-00080).
  3. Gilmour, M.W., Bernard K., Tracz D. M., Olson, A. B., Corbett, C. R ., Burdz, T., Ng B., Wiebe D., Broukhanski G., Boleszczuk, P., Tang, P., Jamieson, F., Van Domselaar, G., Plummer, F. A. and J. D. Berry. 2007. Molecular typing of a Legionella pneumophila outbreak, Ontario , Canada . J Med Microbiol ) 56: 336-341.
  4. Gubbins, M. J., Berry, J. D., Corbett, C. R ., Mogridge, J, Yuan, X., Schmidt, L., Nicolas, B., Kabani, A. and R. Tsang. 2006. Production and characterization of neutralizing monoclonal antibodies that recognize an epitope in domain 2 of Bacillus anthracis protective antigen. FEMS Immun Med Microbiol . 43(3) 436-43.
  5. Kooi C., Corbett C. R. and P. A. Sokol. 2005. Functional analysis of the Burkholderia cenocepacia ZmpA metalloprotease. J Bacteriol . 2005 Jul;187(13):4421-9.
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