Research in the Section of Critical Care

Conducting original research is a mandate of the Section of Critical Care Medicine. Despite its large clinical footprint resulting from staffing six ICUs, many of our faculty are active researchers.

Types of investigator-initiated research in The Section include: randomized clinical trials, animal physiology, pharmacology, translational studies, molecular biology, epidemiology, short-term outcomes, long-term outcomes, surveys, and systematic reviews. Click on the links to the right to obtain more information about some of the specific research efforts in the section.

ICU subspecialty trainees are provided the opportunity and encouraged to participate in research. During the 24 months of standard critical care training, up to six months can be spent in research, with great flexibility in customizing training to enable the best possible research experience. This flexibility has included allowing trainees to obtain advanced degrees that promote their career goals. For trainees who plan on careers which include a major research component, we work with them to enable and plan extended periods of mentored research training either at the University of Manitoba or elsewhere. For such trainees there are resources available within the University of Manitoba to assist with obtaining advanced degrees and additional research training.