Dr. Duane Funk
Current Rank/Positions
♦ Associate Professor, Department of Anesthesia
♦ Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, Section of Critical Care

 University of Manitoba B.Sc. 1993  Microbiology
 University of Manitoba
M.D. 2000  
 University of Manitoba B.Sc. Med 2000  
 University of Manitoba   2005  Anesthesiology
 Duke University
  2006  Critical Care Medicine
 University of Manitoba   2007
 University of Manitoba   2007  Echocardiography

Research Interests:
♦ Hemodynamic monitoring
♦ Septic shock
♦ Cerebral oximetry
♦ Outcomes after major non-cardiac surgery
♦ Mechanical ventilation
♦ Inflammatory response to surgery and critical illness


AE200 - 671 William Street
Winnipeg, MB R3E 0Z2
Phone:   204-787-1414
Email: funk@cc.umanitoba.ca

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