Dr. Asher Mendelson
Current Rank/Positions
♦ Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine
♦ Assistant Professor, Department of Immunology

 McGill University
M.D. 2007  
 University of British Columbia
  2013  Internal Medicine
 University of British Columbia
M.Sc. 2013  Experimental Medicine
 Western University   2015  Critical Care Medicine
 Western University
2017  Clinical Investigator Program
 Western University
2021  Medical Biophysics

Research Interests:
♦ Hemodynamic monitoring
♦ Sepsis
♦ Microvascular physiologye
♦ Shock and resuscitation science
♦ Animal models of critical illness

Winnipeg Health Sciences Centre
GF 228 - 820 Sherbrook Street 
Winnipeg, MB R3A 1R9
Phone:  204-787-1634
Email: amendelson@hsc.mb.ca


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