Dr. Ryan Zarychanski
Current Rank/Positions
♦ Associate Professor, Department of Medicine
♦ Associate Professor, Department of Community Health Sciences
♦ Director, Knowledge Synthesis, Centre for Health Care Innovation

 University of Manitoba B.S. 1995  Biochemistry
 University of Manitoba
B.Sc. (Med)
 University of Ottawa M.D. 2000  
 University of Manitoba   2003  Internal Medicine
 University of Manitoba   2005  Hematology
 University of Manitoba   2006  Critical Care Medicine
 University of Ottawa
2008  Clinical Investigator Program
 University of Ottawa  M.Sc. 2010  Epidemiology

Research Interests:
♦ Hematologic consequences of critical illness
♦ Treatment of sepsis
♦ Massive transfusion
♦ Evidence-informed transfusion practices in acute care
♦ Blood conservation
♦ Systematic review and meta-analysis
♦ Propensity-adjusted analyses



CancerCare Manitoba
ON2051 - 675 McDermot Avenue 
Winnipeg, MB R3A 1R9
Phone:  204-787-1992
Email: rzarychanski@cancercare.mb.ca

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