Internal Medicine Grand Rounds
Grand Rounds are held every Tuesday during the Academic year.
The University of Manitoba Bannatyne Media Production  and the Department of Internal Medicine have moved Grand Rounds to Zoom Webinars which integrates audience questions.
The stream is between 08:00 to 9:00 am on Tuesdays.

Archived Internal Medicine Grand Rounds Videos
A stored version of Grand Rounds will be available to view approximately two days after the live stream.

 March 16, 2021  Thyroid Nodules and Cancer for the Internist
 March 02, 2021  Cancer Rehabilitation Medicine: The Missing Piece in Cancer Survivorship
 February 23, 2021  Life After PE:  Update on Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary Hypertension
 February 09, 2021  The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba Quality Improvement Program
 January 26, 2021  COVID 19 in Long Term Care
 January 12, 2021  What's New In HFpEF
 December 15, 2020 Tips and Tricks for Research and Getting Published
 November 10, 2020 New Diagnostic Strategies for Active and Latent TB
 November 3, 2020  COVID 19 - An Update on Therapeutics
 June 02, 2020  Immunopathogenesis of SARS-CoV2: Therapeutics That Modulate the Immune System
 March 02, 2020  Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD)
 February 18, 2020  Resident Research Presentations – Award Recipients
 February 11, 2020  Déjà Co: Corona virus past and present
 February 04, 2020  Resident Research Presentations – Award Recipients
 January 28, 2020  Year in Review: Major Cardiovascular Trials in 2019
 January 21, 2020  Cardiac Palliative Care: Are We There Yet?
 January 14, 2020  Prediction and Prevention of Rheumatoid Arthritis in First Nations People
 December 10, 2019  Addiction Medicine – This is our Lane
 December 03, 2019  What Makes a Nodule Turn Bad? A pulmonary nodule evaluation and lung cancer screening
 November 26, 2019  Lies, Damned Lies and Drug Development: the Uncommon Sense in Oncology
 November 19, 2019  Implementing Prediction Models in Time and Place of Kidney Resident and Cardiovascular
 November 12, 2019  Length of Antibiotic Therapy: Striking the right “BALANCE”
 November 05, 2019  Pain Management in a Changing Social Context
 October 29, 2019  Therapeutic Approaches to Modifying the Progression of Parkinson’s Disease
 October 15, 2019  Recent Findings in Early Cancer Diagnosis - Focus on Manitoba Contributions
 September 10, 2019  When We Are In Doubt About Clinical Practice
 May 28, 2019  How Should We Respond to an Ageing Population?: The WHO Report on Ageing
 May 14, 2019  Reducing Burnout & Promoting Engagement
 May 07, 2019  Patients first...but what comes next? Towards a more relational culture in Dept of Med
 April 30, 2019  Angioedema Management - Significant Progress in the Past 5 Years
 April 23, 2019  Acute Stroke Managements Update “Time is Brain”
 April 16, 2019  ABC's of Medical Cannabinoids
 April 09, 2019  Trans-catheter Treatment is the Preferred Approach in Aortic Stenosis
 April 02, 2019  Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose: Pre-Participation Evaluation to Prevent SCD in Athletes
 March 12, 2019  Finding Our Way Back: Reflections on Physician Happiness
 March 05, 2019  Use of Risk Prediction in Optimizing Decision Making in Liver Diseases
 February 26, 2019  Advances in Cystic Fibrosis: CFTR Modulators
 February 19, 2019  Technology in the Management of Pre-Existing Diabetes in Pregnancy
 February 12, 2019  For Better or For Worse
 February 05, 2019  Therapeutic Advances for Patients Living with Cholestatic Liver Disease
 January 29, 2019  Inflammation and organ dysfunction in HIV; focus on the lungs
 January 22, 2019  Heart Disease in Women: You've come a long way?
 January 15, 2019  Your Brain, The Tricks it Plays and Medical Error
 November 27, 2018  Resident Research Day Award Recipients’ Presentations
 November 20, 2018  Observational Medicine
 November 13, 2018  Competence by Design: the Medical Oncology Journey
 November 06, 2018  Vascular Cognitive Disorders
 October 30, 2018  New Insights into Autoimmune Liver Disease
 October 23, 2018  Malnutrition in Hospital - Updates for the General Internist
 October 09, 2018  Preventing Critical Events: Introduction of a Rapid Response System
 October 02, 2018  Let's Talk Period: Women and Bleeding Disorders
 September 18, 2018  Using Single Cell Genomics to Define Rheumatic Diseases
 September 04, 2018  Living with HIV- the 4th 90
 June 12, 2018  A Clinicopathologic Case Conference
 June 05, 2018  Predicting and Preventing Rheumatoid Arthritis: It’s Within Our Reach
 May 29, 2018  Central Nervous System Lymphoma: A challenging battle but with hopes to win 
 May 22, 2018  Caring for the Patient with Acute Myeloid Leukemia: Lessons Learned
 May 15, 2018  Adult Congenital Heart Disease: A growing population, an evolving field of multidisciplinary care
 May 09, 2018  RBC and PLT Transfusion Guidelines and a Practical Approach
 May 01, 2018  Resident Research Day Award Recipients
 April 24, 2018  We Are Cavemen: The Scientific Method Leaves us in the Dark Ages
 April 17, 2018  Novel Use of ACE Inhibitors & Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers in Renal Transplantation
 April 10, 2018  First Do No Harm
 April 02, 2018  CAR-T Therapy: A Scientific Renaissance?
 March 13, 2018  Barrett’s Esophagus: An Update on Disease Assessment and Management
 March 06, 2018  The Value of Program Wide Service Data Bases
 February 27, 2018  Allergies, Mast Cells and the Gut
 February 13, 2018  The Ability to Work and Earn: Assessment of a New Patient-Centered Outcome
 February 06, 2018  Diabetes COVTs: What we have learned, and what we can do better?
 January 23, 2018  Management of Asymptomatic Bacteriuria: Evidence and Application
 January 16, 2018  Sudden Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP): Who, what, when... and why?
 January 09, 2018  Mind the Gap: Women in Academic Medicine
 December 05, 2017  Dual anti-platelet therapy after ACS - What combination and duration of therapy?
 November 28, 2017  Bridging Knowledge Gaps with new Data
 November 21, 2017  Educating for the Future not the Past: The Evolution of GIM Education in Canada
 November 14, 2017  Massive Transfusion: Improving Process of Care and Clinical Outcomes
 November 07, 2017  Talk is Cheap: The Value of Handover in Clinical Practice
 October 31, 2017  Informed Consent in Clinical Research
 October 24, 2017  Local Centre Dialysis Program: A Manitoba Story
 October 10, 2017  Progress Towards HCV Elimination
 October 03, 2017  Understanding and Explaining Parkinson's Disease
 September 26, 2017  Systems Approaches to Blood Pressure Management:  A STITCH in time?
 September 12, 2017  Pathogenesis of NASH: Diverse Target for Prevention and Treatment
 June 20, 2017  Cardiovascular Disease in Rheumatology
 June 13, 2017  Pancreatic Cancer – An Update on Improvements in Systemic Therapy Options
 June 06, 2017  OSA and Cardiovascular Disease: Much Ado About Nothing?
 May 23, 2017  The ABCs of Care in Neuromuscular Disease: Airway, Breathing and Coughing
 May 16, 2017  Exercise Rehabilitation: Benefits Beyond Achieving a Beach Body
 May 09, 2017  The Many Faces of Hepatitis B Reactivation
 May 02, 2017  Award Recipients from Resident Research Day
 April 25, 2017  Educating Patients and Healthcare Providers on IPF
 April 04, 2017  Time is Brain: Ideal Candidates for Thrombolytic Therapy
 March 21, 2017  Direct-Acting Antiviral Agents: Transforming the Treatment of Hepatitis C Virus
 March 14, 2017  Update on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Acute Pancreatitis
 March 07, 2017  Making Wise Choices in Internal Medicine: Physician Leadership and Resource Stewardship
 February 28, 2017  Gestational Diabetes and the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes
 February 14, 2017  Primary PCI-Novel Strategies to Expedite Reperfusion: Are we Ludicrous, Ridiculous or Just Insane?
 February 07, 2017  Delirium and Frailty in the Older Adult Undergoing Cardiac Surgery
 January 31, 2017  Antimicrobial Stewardship – It’s Our Responsibility
 January 24, 2017  Stem Cell and Genome Editing: Ethical Challenges in Human Health
 January 17, 2017  Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Dogs of War
 December 13, 2016  Blood in our Hands: How low can we go?
 December 06, 2016  ICU Liberation: Implementing the ABCDEF Bundle & Improving the Lives of ICU...
 November 29, 2016  Drugs Don’t Work in Patients Who Don’t Take Them
 November 15, 2016  Medical Assistance In Dying: What, Who, Where, How, When & Why
 November 08, 2016  Management of MRSA Endocarditis Infections In the Non-Compliant Patient (IVDU)
 October 25, 2016  Making Difficult Asthma Less Difficult: Defining, Evaluating & Treating
 October 18, 2016  Infection Prevention and Control: 20 Years of Excitement
 October 11, 2016  Department of Internal Medicine - Town Hall Meeting
 October 04, 2016  Amyloidosis: The Real Internist’s Disease
 September 27, 2016  Treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease:The evidence Section of and the practice
 September 20, 2016  The Hype about Stem Cells for the Treatment of Neurological Section of Disorders
 June 14, 2016  Cameron Gilmour Memorial Lecture: Endocrine Hypertension
 June 07, 2016  Reversing Novel Oral Anticoagulants: Has the Cavalry Arrived?
 May 31, 2016  Managing the Aftermath of Success: Post - Intensive Care Syndrome
 May 24, 2016  From Catholicon to Conservancy: The Antimicrobial Stewardship Movement
 May 17, 2016  Long Term Kidney Transplant Outcomes - Ongoing Challenges
 May 10, 2016  Patient and Family Centered Critical Care In a Technologic World: The 3 Wishes Project
 May 03, 2016  How we MANAGED to end up this way
 April 26, 2016  Resident Research Day Award Recipients’ Presentations
 April 19, 2016  Arthritis Care Systems for Indigenous Patients and Populations
 April 12, 2016  Musculoskeletal Complications in Neuromuscular Disease
 March 22, 2016  Lung Cancer Treatment in 2016 – Survival of the Most Targeted
 March 15, 2016  Kidney Research: The Path Out of the Ivory Tower
 February 23, 2016  Practical Application of Insulin Pumps
 February 08, 2016  Stroke Rehabilitation: The Next Revolution in Stroke Care
 January 26, 2016  Risk Prediction in CKD: From Bench to Bedside Policy
 January 19, 2016  The Death of Dig?
 January 12, 2016  Recent Advances in Celiac Disease