Urban Stream
In a diverse population of almost 700,000 people, you’ll find ample opportunities to make an impact.

During your residency at Seven Oaks Hospital’s Kildonan Medical Centre (KMC) or ACCESS Centres, you will care for patients in clinic and hospital. 

This wide range of practice environments guarantees learning experiences alongside interprofessional faculty members such as dietitians, pharmacists, social workers and nurse practitioners.

Your rural Family Medicine rotation means that as an urban resident, you’ll also gain rural exposures, helping you become a well-rounded family physician no matter where your future practice takes you. The variety of exposures across the Urban stream allow you to fully explore the discipline of family medicine and identify where your strongest interests lie.

Family Medicine Block Time (FMBT)

Family Medicine Block Time takes place over two years; five months in the first year and four months in the second year. In addition, all urban residents spend one month in a rural Manitoba community during their second year of training, as well as one month in a Family Medicine managed Hospital Medicine Clinical Teaching Unit.

Facilities Overview

Follow the links below for maps and detailed information about the facilities associated with this stream.

Kildonan Medical Centre (KMC)


ACCESS River East

ACCESS Winnipeg West

ACCESS Fort Garry

Kildonan Medical Centre (KMC)

Urban Stream Brochure & Rotations