Dr. Chau Pham, Ultrasound Director
Born in Vietnam, Chau came to Canada as a child refugee and grew up with her adopted single mom, who is her inspiration.  Dreaming to become a physician while still a child, she pursued her B.Sc. and M.D. at the University of Manitoba and subsequently, discovered her passion for Emergency Medicine; a profession where she can serve on the front line at a pace that is always exhilarating, and where there is the greatest diversity of pathology and countless opportunities to dramatically change lives. She completed her FRCPC in Emergency Medicine in 2010 and is working as an Emergency Room Physician at the Health Sciences Centre.

Chau naturally fell in love with point-of-care-ultrasound as a resident while completing her ultrasound training in Cleveland, Ohio. She is now the Ultrasound Director for the Section of Ultrasound within the Department of Emergency Medicine and she loves teaching and learning from her very astute group of residents and esteemed Attending colleagues. To enrich her medical career, she also completed a Masters in Business Administration in 2013, which she finds is a fascinating complement to the world of medicine.  Her other niche interests lie in performance psychology through the High Performance Physician Program as well as International Medicine.

Of all the roles that ground her most, Chau is firstly a wife and a mom, two roles that she cherishes. She is grateful for her wonderful and extremely supportive husband and their three beautiful boys who keep her on overdrive most days. Besides lots of quality family time, Chau loves her garden, jogging, watching a good movie, traveling, and leading international medical missions with her charity, Canadians Helping Kids in Vietnam incorporated in 1995.

Chau Pham, MD, FRCP, MBA
Ultrasound Director, Department of Emergency Medicine
Emergency Room Physician, Health Sciences Centre
Assistant Professor, Max Rady College of Medicine
Rady Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Manitoba