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Welcome to the Department of Clinical Health Psychology (CHP).  CHP is one of the 13 clinical departments of the Max Rady College of Medicine, in the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences.  Similar to the other clinical departments, there is a close partnership of the Clinical Health Psychology Department with clinical programs and regional health authorities.   CHP faculty members are doctorally trained and are licensed health professionals.  

We aim to inspire through our teaching, heal through our clinical service, and innovate through our science.

CHP faculty hired as GFT (geographic full time) clinician scientists have dual clinical and academic roles.  Faculty members have a primary responsibility to deliver high quality, evidence-based psychological services to Manitobans; teaching and research are integrated with clinical service. In the Winnipeg health region, as an example, department faculty hold medical staff privileges in the Clinical Health Psychology Program, and provide assessment and treatment services across the age spectrum from infants to seniors, spanning mental health conditions, developmental disorders, disease and injury. While many of the department’s faculty are based at the medical (Bannatyne) campus of the University of Manitoba and the Health Sciences Centre, CHP faculty members are also situated in other hospitals, in health facilities in the community, and in other health regions in Manitoba. 

The department’s academic mission is closely intertwined with the clinical program’s mandate and was well-reflected in feedback from Accreditation Canada, which reviewed the CHP Program in the WRHA: “… [the program is] commended for its use of evidence based guidelines, best practice information, and research based information to guide practice… academic excellence paired with clinical service excellence is the hallmark of the program.”

CHP faculty members are passionate teachers who aim to bridge medical and psychological knowledge to facilitate optimal clinical care and improve health.  Teaching primarily encompasses undergraduate medical students and postgraduate learners, including medical residents in our own and other clinical departments (e.g., family medicine, genetics). Faculty members also collaborate with our colleagues from the Rady Faculty of Health Science to facilitate interprofessional sessions for learners from a range of professional programs, and offer in-service teaching, and continuing education for practicing professionals, community organizations, and the public.

The department’s Clinical Psychology Residency training program  attracts top applicants from across the country in the child, adult, neuropsychology and rural training streams.

We are CELEBRATING 50 YEARS of residents in 2019-2020. Our program was the first accredited residency in Canada, with the first class launched in 1969. The residency program participates in the Canada/US national matching process through APPIC.

CHP faculty members are innovative researchers.  We partner with colleagues locally in other clinical departments, colleges, and faculties, as well as nationally and internationally.  Our faculty hold provincial and national grants, including funding through CIHR, and lead clinically applied research in diverse areas such as brain injury, sleep disorders, inflammatory disease, chronic pain, trauma, dementia, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, child anxiety, and military health.
Our department’s community affiliates are colleagues in the community who contribute to the academic mission of the department through valued teaching and research collaborations with our department, college, and faculty.

Consider a rewarding and stimulating career with our department.  You can contribute to knowledge, learning, and clinical care with colleagues who strive for excellence as practitioners and scientists.

Note: if you are interested in undergraduate psychology courses or a graduate degree in psychology, you are looking for a different department, the Department of Psychology in the Faculty of Arts, at the Fort Garry campus, University of Manitoba.

Lesley Graff PhD CPsych Professor and Head
Lesley Graff, PhD, CPsych
Professor and Head