Civility Saves Lives MB
Who we are:

The #CivilitySavesLives campaign team is made up of medical students from all four years of training, residents and faculty from various backgrounds, and staff from the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences who are committed to improving the clinical learning environment through promoting respect, equity, and civility.

The Manitoba Medical Students’ and Residents’ Associations have partnered with Rady Faculty of Health Sciences faculty/staff and Doctors Manitoba to launch an awareness campaign aimed at improving the culture in our clinical learning environments. We believe it is essential to remind ourselves and others of the importance of having a positive and respectful clinical learning environment and its impact on patient care. 

Background info:

Learner mistreatment is an important issue that impacts us all. The AFMC 2019 Graduation Questionnaire showed that 58% of Canadian medical students reported experiencing some form of learner mistreatment during their undergraduate education. Similarly, the Resident Doctors of Canada 2018 annual survey found 78% of respondents reported experiencing mistreatment, intimidation or harassment during the previous training year. This data is similar to the rates reported in other countries like the United States and the United Kingdom.

There is evidence that mistreatment and incivility negatively impact not only the well-being of clinicians but also decreases the safety and quality of patient care. Uncivil behaviours negatively affect the learning environment for students and residents, with evidence that those who experience acts of incivility are more likely to perpetrate them in the future, thus impacting the future generation of our healthcare workforce.

How to get involved:

We are looking for local, national and international collaborators to spread the message and engage stakeholders in this conversation. We welcome feedback and ideas. You can contact us at:

Twitter: @civilitysavesMB

Instagram: @civilitysavesMB

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