The Childhood Adversity and Resilience (CARe) Research Team: Alumni
Sarah Turner, MSc

2013-2016, Master of Science, Community Health Sciences, “Examining the Relationship Between Infant Feeding and Child Hyperactivity/ Inattention in a Canadian Sample”

Image of Sarah TurnerIn 2016, I graduated from the department of Community Health Sciences with a Master’s of Science. I currently work full time as a Research Associate with Dr. Tracie Afifi and Dr. Jitender Sareen on a variety of research projects focusing on mental health.

I am interested in early childhood experiences and how they relate to later health outcomes. I am interested in prevention and promotion and how positive health in childhood can lead to positive health in adulthood. I am also interested in other individual-level protective factors that can improve mental health such as exercise, self-compassion, goal setting and motivation.

My role on the Childhood Maltreatment Research Team includes developing surveys for primary data collection, preparing ethics submissions, developing research questions, conducing statistical analysis, interpreting findings, writing, editing and contributing to peer-reviewed publications, presenting findings at academic conferences and mentoring students on the research team.

Graduate Awards and Recognitions

2015 University of Manitoba Graduate Student Association Award
2015 The Faculty of Graduate Studies Travel Award
2015 The Graduate Student’s Association Travel Award
2015 The Community Health Sciences Travel Award
2014 Western Regional Training Centre (WRCT) Scholarship
2014 Statistics Canada Research Data Centre (RDC) Graduate Research Award

Kristene Cheung, MA

2013-2015 Master of Arts, Clinical Psychology, “Parental Psychopathology in Families of Children with ADHD: A Meta-Analysis.

2015-present Doctorate of Philosophy, Clinical Psychology, “The Relationship Between Paternal Depression and Family Outcomes: Meta-Analyses on Child, Parenting, And Marital Outcomes.

Image of Kristene CheungI am a third-year PhD Student in the Clinical Psychology Training Program at the University of Manitoba. My research interests include child maltreatment, parental psychopathology, and developmental psychopathology. I have worked as a Student Research Assistant under the supervision of Dr. Tracie Afifi since Spring 2013 and am currently working on a few studies examining factors related to better mental health following child maltreatment.

As Student Research Assistant, I have been involved in several components of the research process including coding and statistical analyses, drafting and editing manuscripts, and participating in the design of a primary data collection in Manitoba.

Graduate Awards and Recognitions

2017    Elizabeth Munsterberg Koppitz Child Psychology Graduate Student Fellowship
2017    Psychology Graduate Student STAR Award
2015    SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship
2015    University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship (UMGF; declined)
2015    Alumni Clinical Psychology Student Research Award
2015    Tri-Council Top-Up Award
2015    Faculty of Arts Endowment Fund
2014    SSHRC Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship
2014    Tri-Council Top-Up Award  
2014    University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship (UMGF; declined)
2014    Canadian Soroptimist Grants for Women
2014    Women's Health Research Foundation of Canada Scholarship
2014    Direct Aid to Achieve Award
2014    Department of Psychology Student Support Award
2013    Faculty of Graduate Studies Special Awards Fund   
2013    HOPE Award
2013    Mattie Hanna Scholarship

Katelin McDermott, BA

2014-present, Master of Science, Community Health Sciences, “Evaluation of Rule-based De-identification Approaches on Unstructured Electronic Medical Record Data ”

I am in my final year of the Master of Science in Community Health Sciences program while working full time at Manitoba eHealth. My background includes evaluation of programs aimed to support children and vulnerable populations, informing the development of social and health services, monitoring and analysis of telemedicine services, and experience as a Medical Assistant. In my current role as a Program Analyst with Manitoba eHealth, I support leveraging health information technology (HIT) to advance provincial initiatives in primary care, with a focus on electronic medical record data quality and optimization.
I have a special interest in maximizing the benefits of HIT solutions, including use of data for secondary purposes, and putting research into practice; however, research focused on women and/or the impact of early childhood experiences will always pique my interest!

As a Student Research Assistant with the Child Maltreatment Research Team, I manage data collection for a study examining the correlation between childhood experience, gambling, and mindfulness in women. My role includes completing the data analysis and preparing the final research report.