Full Time Faculty

Robert Chase is Assistant Professor since 1997. His medical training at McMaster University (1982-1985) included Family Medicine residency (1987) and Community Medicine (1993), and M.Sc. in Design Measurement and Evaluation (1994). His clinical specialty is occupational health, principally musculoskeletal injury, pain management and prevention.  He teaches graduate and undergraduate students, based on international humanitarian project work in Iraq, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Tibet, Uganda and elsewhere.  His area of research is the Life Story Board, an visual interview and information system developed since the 1990s as an alternative tool for research and humanitarian mental health initiatives for children affected by armed conflict. Since 2007 focus turned to producing a practical tool for counselling assessment and therapy and in 2009 he started Vidaview Information Systems Ltd (www.vidaview.ca) to manufacture LSB toolkits, provide training support and further research and development. 

Chase, Robert

Rank: Assistant Professor
Credentials:  MD, FRCPC (Community Medicine), M.Sc, DOHS
Phone: 204-789 3885
E-Mail: Robert.Chase@umanitoba.ca