Training Programs
Situated within the Max Rady College of Medicine, the Department of Community Health Sciences holds a peculiar status, being neither a “Basic Science Department” nor a “Clinical Department”. We have the ability to straddle both with some 100 faculty members affiliated with the Department of Community Health Sciences in a roughly 1:3 ratio of full time to part time appointments. The expertise of our Faculty is far reaching, and collaborations with other researchers have resulting in three training programs, available to our Graduate Students on a competitive basis.

The following training programs are associated with CHS.

Manitoba Training Program for Health Services Research
The Manitoba Training Program for Health Services Research (MTP-HSR) provides students with applied training in health services research and annual fellowship stipends of $17,850. MTP is financially supported by Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living to prepare students to meet the research needs of health care policy decision makers. In addition to the fellowship, the Manitoba Training Program offers practical field placements at health services agencies throughout Manitoba, support and funding to attend the annual CAHSPR conference, and valuable networking experiences with health care researchers and decision makers. Although it operates within Community Health Sciences, MTP offers multi-disciplinary training in applied health services research and invites students from a broad range of disciplines and backgrounds to apply.

Deadline for Applications: February 1st.

International Centre for Infectious Diseases:
The Department also participates actively in the International Centre for Infectious Diseases (ICID) Training Program, funded by CIHR. The ICID training program is a Winnipeg-based not-for-profit corporation with a mission to advance Canada’s infectious diseases capacity and facilitate the application of Canadian infectious diseases expertise, domestically and internationally.