Manitoba Population Research Data Repository - Overview

What is the Manitoba Population Research Data Repository?

The Manitoba Population Research Data Repository is a comprehensive collection of administrative, registry, survey, and other data about residents of Manitoba. The data come from a variety of government department administrative datasets, such as:

  • Healthcare – visits to hospitals, physicians, emergency departments and specialists, homecare, and personal care homes, and pharmaceutical prescriptions.
  • Education – school programs, grades, graduation rates, programs to support kids, and adult training programs to support employment.
  • Social / Families – services provided to support families, children in care, employment / income assistance and social housing.
  • Justice - prosecutions, court appearances, and charges/outcomes at disposition.
  • Registries - the Manitoba Health Insurance Registry and Vital Statistics Mortality Registry.

The data are de-identified, so that we can track individual interactions with services, but cannot identify the people seeking them.

More Information

  • for more detailed information on what the Repository is and the data contained in the Repository, read the Manitoba Population Research Data Repository concept.
  • for a list of resources and tools available that provide more information about the research process, Data Repository content / management, the research methods / definitions we have developed, and communication about the Manitoba Population Research Data Repository, read the Repository Resources and Tools web page.

Who can use the Manitoba Population Research Data Repository?

The Repository is available for use for research, and can be used by academics and researchers, students, clinicians, government staff. The Manitoba Population Research Data Repository is maintained to support research for approved projects. This means that users will need to obtain permission from the data providers to use the data for a project that meets privacy and ethics requirements.

MCHP has a team of staff who can help researchers identify what data are available, and whether their project idea is feasible. This team will help academics, researchers and students prepare materials and cost estimates for grant submissions, as well as to complete the accreditation process. MCHP staff will prepare the datasets and provide access to them in a secure environment. MCHP offers additional support, such as analysis, on a fee-for-service basis. Students are expected to carry out their own analyses.

For more information on initiating your research project with MCHP, read the section below How Can I Access the Data Repository?

How Can I Access the Data Repository?

Anyone wishing to use the Repository must submit a proposal, complete an accreditation process, obtain approval from the Research Ethics Board, Health Information Privacy Committee and (if necessary) other data providers, and sign a Researcher Agreement.

For more detailed information on how to access the Repository for research, read the Applying for Access web page.