Research Resources

The following research resources, largely supported by Lupina Foundation funding, are important for ensuring the high level of research productivity and competitiveness in funding applications for which MCHP research scientists are well known.
  • Applying for Access - how to obtain access to databases housed in the Data Repository.
    • Reporting Requirements - requirements for reporting changes to the study protocol and providing annual status reports.
    • Policies on Use and Disclosure - confidentiality obligations applicable to all projects with regard to data processing and release of information.
  • Accreditation - provides an overview of MHCP and the data access and use process to everyone with access to a MCHP computer system and all principal investigators on projects being carried out at MCHP (a requirement since April, 2010)
  • Data Repository - contains descriptions of the Manitoba Population Research Data Repository housed at MCHP. This resource contains more than 85 databases for conducting population-based research.
  • Concept Dictionary - methodologies and analytical techniques for working with the Data Repository

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  • Education Resources - for information about MCHP-related course material, including Supercourse offerings.

Last updated August 17, 2010