MCHP Data Access Process - Step 9 - Project Reporting and Annual Renewals
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  • The University of Manitoba Health Research Ethics Board (HREB) requires an annual study status report to be submitted. NOTE: If you do not submit an Annual Report to HREB, there is a risk that your project may be closed.
  • The following information is available on the Office of Research Ethics and Compliance website:
  • HREB will send the Principal Investigator a Certificate of Annual Approval after the report is reviewed and renewed.
  • A copy of each HREB Certificate of Annual Approval must be sent to the Health Information Privacy Committee (HIPC) and to the MCHP Repository Access Unit (RAU).
  • An annual MCHP Accreditation renewal is also required. The MCHP Repository Access Unit (RAU) will send you a renewal notice via email. If the annual Accreditation is not completed, your project may be closed.  For more information on this, see Step 1 - Accreditation.


The required tasks include:

  • Complete an Annual Study Status Report.
  • Submit the Annual Study Status Report to HREB.
  • Send a copy of the HREB Certificate of Annual Approval to HIPC.
  • Send a copy of the HREB Certificate of Annual Approval to the MCHP Repository Access Unit (RAU).
  • Complete the annual MCHP Accreditation Renewal.

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