MCHP Data Access Process - Step 8 - Amendments
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  • An amendment is a significant change in your original, approved research project that must go through a review and approval process.
  • If any of the following project information changes, this requires that you submit an amendment, and await approval before you can proceed with the changes to your research project:
    • the years of data for your study;
    • datasets / data sources;
    • the research question(s) / objective(s);
    • the location of your data storage and / or analysis;
    • the funding source or sponsor; or
    • the investigators ** / personnel involved in your research project.

    ** The Health Information Privacy Committee (HIPC) requires notification of any changes in the original submission with respect to investigators or anyone accessing line-level data. Notification is also required if someone other than one of the investigators becomes first author on a manuscript, regardless of whether the individual has access to line-level data. If you have questions, please check with the HIPC coordinator at for more information on other changes that require an amendment.

  • If an amendment to your project is required, please email the Repository Access Unit (RAU) at with a short description of the changes you are making.  The RAU will guide you through the amendment process.

  • An amendment request will need to be sent to each of the following groups for review and approval:


  • Amendments to your proposal and the original approvals will not be accepted by MCHP during the initial proposal and approval process.
  • Submitting an amendment prior to final approval being in place may lead to delays in project commencement.
  • Please submit amendments after all aspects of the original proposal and initial final approval process have been completed.


The required tasks include:

  • Contact the RAU with the details regarding your amendment;
  • Submit a HIPC Protocol Amendment Form to HIPC;
  • Submit a HREB Request for Amendment/Changes to the Previously Approved Study Form to HREB;
  • Complete the template letters outlining the changes to the non-MHSAL Data Providers (if applicable). The RAU will submit these letters on your behalf; and
  • Submit a letter outlining the changes to the Project Specific Data Provider (if applicable);
  • Send a Copy of all Amendment Approval Documentation from HIPC, HREB, and all other data providers involved to the MCHP Repository Access Unit (RAU).

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