MCHP Data Access Process - Step 11 - Project Closure
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  • A project is officially closed when the Principal Investigator (PI) notifies the MCHP Repository Access Unit (RAU) that the project is complete - for example, by sending a copy of the HREB Final Study Status Report.
  • Project closure signifies that the data analysis component of the research project is complete and the PI/Data Analyst will not require further access to the data again.
  • Projects may continue to have active approvals so the researcher can continue to write and publish manuscripts or complete presentations, but access to the data on MCHP systems and any analysis will be restricted.
  • Upon closure, PIs are required to submit a Final Status Report to the Health Research Ethics Board (HREB), and send a copy of this report to MCHP.

Your research project may also be closed, if:

  • you do not complete the MCHP Annual Accreditation Renewal;
  • the annual HREB reporting requirements have not been satisfied and/or such reports have not been sent to the MCHP Repository Access Unit (RAU);
  • the invoiced amount has not been paid for two months.

Your research project may be archived, if:

  • the invoiced amount has not been paid and three months or more have passed.
  • When a project is archived, it is removed from the MCHP system and stored for seven years. MCHP requires renewed or updated approvals from HIPC, HREB and all data providers in order to restore data for the project.


The required tasks include:

  • Complete and submit a Final Study Status Report to HREB.
  • Send a copy of the Final Study Status Report to MCHP.

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This is the final step in the MCHP Data Access Process.

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