MCHP Data Access Process - Step 1 - Accreditation
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  • The purpose of the MCHP Accreditation is to provide an overview of MCHP and describe the MCHP Data Access Process for research using the data held in the Manitoba Population Research Data Repository.
  • It provides information on the MCHP mission, the data available in the Data Repository, and requirements for data use and publication of results developed from research projects.
  • The accreditation process includes signing a pledge of confidentiality as well as an agreement that you understand and will follow the process for doing research at MCHP.
  • All MCHP staff, students, Principal Investigators, analysts and research project team members using the Data Repository must attend an initial "live" (either in person or via teleconference) Accreditation session, prior to the start of their research project, and also complete an annual Accreditation renewal (see Step 9 - Project Reporting and Annual Renewals).
  • If you are planning to do research with the Manitoba Population Research Data Repository for the first time, it is highly recommended that you attend an Accreditation session before proceeding with an MCHP feasibility review and obtaining approvals for your research project.


The required tasks include:

  • Attend an initial Accreditation session - all "first-time" users of the Repository must attend a "live" (either in person or via teleconference) Accreditation session. These sessions are arranged by the MCHP Repository Access Unit (RAU) staff; and
  • Complete an annual Accreditation renewal - an annual renewal is required during the life cycle of your research project, based on the date of your initial Accreditation session. The MCHP Repository Access Unit will send an email reminder that your Accreditation needs to be renewed.  The renewal can be completed on-line by reviewing the "Updates for the Annual Renewal" information available, and then completing the form at the end of the update session.

More Information

  • The on-line MCHP Accreditation session and annual update information is available on the MCHP Accreditation web page. 

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