PATHS Equity for Children:

A program of research into what works to reduce the gap for Manitoba's Children

PATHS Equity for Children Infographic

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PATHS Equity for Children: The PATHS program of research aims at understanding what works to reduce inequity in children’s outcomes, and includes collaborations with external partners. Multiple interventions are being evaluated to determine their impact on the health and well-being of children in terms of inequities in socioeconomic status, geography and sex at different points during childhood.

PATHS comprises a series of 15 inter-related sub-projects, each designed to assess the impact of a different intervention. Each sub-project has its own team and set of objectives, but all projects will assess whether the intervention positively changed outcomes and/or gradients (i.e., socioeconomic, geographic and/or gender), and whether the intervention reached those intended (i.e., universal or targeted). The final sub-project will be an integrative analysis, which will look at the interventions holistically to see whether combinations of programs are more effective than individual interventions, and whether combinations are more effective simultaneously or sequentially.

Research conducted as part of the Pathways to Health and Social Equity for Children program of research is using the PATHS Data Resource. The PATHS Resource is a population-based resource comprising approximately 60 data files that (a) capture information on the health and development of children and (b) include a comprehensive set of documentation and tools to facilitate consistent use of the data across various epidemiological studies.

The PATHS Data Resource is available to investigators interested in child health and development research. More information about the PATHS Data Resource, including a brief overview of the steps required to obtain access to this resource can be found here.

Overview of PATHS Equity for Children Research Program (poster)

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The PATHS Equity for Children research team hosted a conference in Winnipeg, May 30-June 1, 2016, on topics around Health Equity. Please read the PATHS Equity Conference Summary - Blog for more details!