Mission & Values

  MCHP Strategic Plan diagram 2016



MCHP sets the international standard for using population-based administrative data to create new knowledge that informs health policy, social policy and how they are implemented.




Innovation; Excellence; Collaboration; Teamwork; Social Relevance; Stewardship; Accountability.




MCHP is a research centre of excellence that conducts world class population-based research on health, and the social determinants of health. We develop and maintain a comprehensive population-based data repository on behalf of the Province of Manitoba for use by the local, national and international research community.  We promote a collaborative environment to create, disseminate and apply our research. Our work supports the development of evidence-informed policy, programs and services that maintain and improve the health and well-being of Manitobans.

The University of Manitoba’s mission is to create, preserve, communicate and apply knowledge, contributing to the cultural, social and economic well-being of the people of Manitoba, Canada and the world. MCHP works within the ‘Integrative Research in Health and Well-being’ theme within the University of Manitoba’s Strategic Research Plan, and is a key component of the signature area on ‘Population and Global Health’.