Summer 2020

MCHP Quarterly Highlights

In Utero Antidepressants and Neurodevelopmental Outcomes in Kindergarteners

Singal D, Chateau D, Struck S, Lee JB, Dahl M, Derksen S, Katz LY, Ruth C, Hanlon-Dearman A, Brownell M

“Our findings raise a concern that these medications are not benign to the developing fetus. This study highlights the importance of presenting a broader approach to managing maternal mental health, especially the consideration of non-pharmacologic approaches.” -Dr. Deepa Singal


Targeted vertebral fracture assessment for optimizing fracture prevention in Canada

Leslie WD, Lix LM, Binkley N

Vertebral fracture assessment (VFA) provides incremental information in identifying women and men aged 70 years and older qualifying for anti-osteoporosis treatment compared with FRAX® major osteoporotic fracture (MOF) probability computed with bone mineral density (BMD).


More Publications

Accuracy of thresholds based on cadence and lifestyle counts per minute to detect outdoor walking in older adults with mobility limitations

Webber SC, Hahn F, Lix LM, Tittlemier BJ, Salbach NM, Barclay R

Cancer staging in individuals with a severe psychiatric illness: A cross-sectional study using population-based cancer registry data

Mahar AL, Kurdyak P, Hanna TP, Coburn NG, Groome PA

Development and Validation of the Chronic Disease Population Risk Tool (CDPoRT) to Predict Incidence of Adult Chronic Disease

Ng N, Sutradhar R, Kornas K, Wodochis WP, Sarkar J, Fransoo R, Rosella LC

Gaps in the Management of Depression Symptoms Following Cancer Diagnosis: A Population-Based Analysis of Prospective Patient-Reported Outcomes

Analysis of Prospective Patient-Reported Outcomes. Hallet J, Davis LE, Isenberg-Grzeda E, Mahar AL, Zhao H, Zuk V, Moody L, Coburn NG

Gastrectomy case volume and textbook outcome: an analysis of the Population Registry of Esophageal and Stomach Tumours of Ontario (PRESTO)

Levy J, Gupta V, Amirazodi E, Allen-Ayodabo C, Jivraj N, Jeong Y, Davis LE, Mahar AL, De Mestral C, Saarela O, Coburn N; PRESTO Group

Machine-learning models for depression and anxiety in individuals with immune-mediated inflammatory disease

Tennenhouse LG, Marrie RA, Bernstein CN, Lix LM, CIHR Team in Defining the Burden and Managing the Effects of Psychiatry Comorbidity in Chronic Immunoinflammatory Disease

Maternal distress during pregnancy and recurrence in early childhood predicts atopic dermatitis

Van der Leek AP, Bahreinian S, Chartier M, Daul M, Azad MB, Brownell MD, Kozyrskyj AL

Patient-reported symptoms in metastatic gastric cancer patients in the last 6 months of life

Bubis LD, Delibasic V, Davis LE, Jeong Y, Chan K, Kosyachkova E, Mahar A, Karanicolas P, Coburn NG.Support Care Cancer

Population registry of esophageal and stomach tumours in Ontarion (PRESTO): Protocol for a multicentre clinical and pathological database including 25,000 patients

 Gupta V, Levy J, Allen-Ayodabo C, Amirazodi E, Davis L, Li Q, Mahar A, Coburn NG, PRESTO Study

Population segments as a tool for health care performance reporting an exploratory study in the Canadian province of British Columbia

Langton JM, Wong ST, Burge F, Choi A, Ghaseminejad-Tafreshi N, Johnston S, Katz A, Lavergne R, Mooney D, Peterson S, McGrail K 

Prenatal antibiotic exposure and risk of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: a population-based cohort study

Hamad A, Alessi-Severini S, Mahmud S, Brownell M, Kuo If

School Personnel and Community Members’ Perspectives in Implementing PAX Good Behaviour Game in First Nations Grade 1 Classrooms

Jacks E, Chartier M, Ly G, Fortier J, Murdock N, Cochrane B, Weenusk J, Woodgate R, Munro G, Sareen J

Severe symptoms persist for Up to one year after diagnosis of stage I-III lung cancer: An analysis of province-wide patient reported outcomes

Hirpara DH, Gupta V, Davis LE, Zhao H, Hallet J, Mahar AL, Sutradhar R, Doherty M, Louie AV, Kidane B, Darling G, Coburn NG

Socioeconomic gradient in the developmental health of Canadian children with disabilities at school-entry: a cross-sectional study

Zeraatker D, Duku E, Bennett T, Guhn M, Forer B, Brownell M, Janus M

Sodium-glucose co-transporter-2 inhibitors and the risk of urosepsis: A multi-site, prevalent new-user cohort study

Fisher A, Fralick M, Filion KB, Dell'Aniello S, Douros A, Tremblay E, Shah BR, Ronksley PE, Alessi-Severini S, Hu N, Bugden S, Ernst P, Lix LM, Canadian Network for Observational Drug Effect Studies (CNODES) Investigators

Teacher-reported prevalence of FASD in kindergarten in Canada: Association with child development and problems at home

Pei J, Westoby C, Siddiqua A, Elshamy Y, Rorem D, Bennett T, Birken C, Coplan R, Duku E, Ferro MA, Forer B, Georgiades S, gorter JW, Guhn M, Maguire J, Manson H, Santos R, Brownell M, Janus M

The 5-Year Incidence of Mental Disorders in a Population-Based ICU Survivor Cohort.

Sareen J, Olafson K, Kredentser MS, Bienvenu OJ, Blouw M, Bolton JM, Logsetty S, Chateau D, Nie Y, Bernstein CN, Afifi TO, Stein MB, Leslie WD, Katz LY, Mota N, El-Gabalawy R, Sweatman S, Marrie RA

The intersection between criminal accusations, victimization, and mental disorders: A Canadian population-based study

Casiano H, Hensel JM, Chartier MJ, Ekuma O, MacWilliam L, Mota N, McDougall C, Bolton JM

Which is the preferred site for bone mineral density monitoring as an indicator of treatment-related anti-fracture effect in routine clinical practice? A registry-based cohort study

Leslie WD, Martineau P, Bryanton M, Lix LM




The Overlap between the Child Welfare and Youth Criminal Justice Systems: Documenting "Cross-Over Kids" in Manitoba

Brownell M, Nickel N, Turnbull L, Au W, Ekuma O, MacWilliam L, McCulloch S, Valdivia J, Boram Lee J, Wall-Wieler E, Enns J


This study investigated the relationship between the child welfare and the youth criminal justice systems. It included analyses of characteristics of children and youth involved in both systems, such as mental disorders, developmental disabilities, and school achievement. The main objectives of the project were to: 1). Quantify the overlap between involvement with the child welfare system and the youth criminal justice system; and 2). Identify the characteristics associated with involvement in both systems. For most analyses a 1994 birth cohort was followed to describe child welfare system involvement, youth justice system involvement, and health and social outcomes into young adulthood. Recognizing the over-representation of Indigenous children and youth in both systems, the report provides context on a description of that over-representation.


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