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Winter 2020

MCHP Quarterly Highlights

The Concept Dictionary and Glossary at MCHP: Tools and Techniques to Support a Population Research Data Repository

Smith, M, Turner, K, Bond, R, Kawakami, T, and Roos, LL

blood gloucose

The Manitoba Centre for Health Policy’s Concept Dictionary and Glossary, and the Data Repository they document, broaden the analytic possibilities associated with administrative data. The aim of the Repository is to describe and explain patterns of health care and illness, while the Concept Dictionary and Glossary create consistency in documenting research methodologies. The Concept Dictionary alone contains detailed operational definitions and programming code for measures used in MCHP research that are reusable in future projects.


Understanding the Particularities of an Unconditional Prenatal Cash Benefit for Low-Income Women: A Case Study Approach

Struthers A, Metge C, Charette C, Enns JE, Nickel NC, Chateau D, Chartier M, Burland E, Katz A, Brownell M.

We explored the particularities of the Healthy Baby Prenatal Benefit (HBPB), an unconditional cash transfer program for low-income pregnant women in Manitoba, Canada, which aims to connect recipients with prenatal care and community support programs, and help them access healthy foods during pregnancy. While previous studies have shown associations between HBPB and improved birth outcomes, here we focus on how the intervention contributed to positive outcomes.


Cardiovascular Medication Use and Long‐Term Outcomes of First Nations and Non–First Nations Patients Following Diagnostic Angiography: A Retrospective Cohort Study

Dahl L, Schultz A, McGibbon E, Brownlie J, Cook C, Elbarouni B, Katz A, Nguyen T, Sawatzky JA, Sinclaire M, Throndson K, Prior HJ, Fransoo R.

In Canada, First Nations (FN) people are at greater risk of mortality than the general population following index angiography. This disparity has not been investigated while considering guideline‐recommended cardiovascular medication use.


More Publications

A scoping review of socioeconomic inequalities in distributions of birth outcomes: Through a conceptual and methodological lens.

Ramraj C, Pulver A, O'Campo P, Urquia ML, Hildebrand V, Siddiqi A.

Age at attainment of peak bone mineral density and its associated fators: The National Health and Nutrition Examinations Survey 2005-2014

Xue S, Kemal O, Lu M, Lix LM, Leslie WD, Yang S.

Antibiotic Exposure in the First Year of Life and the Risk of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: A Population-based Cohort Study.

Hamad AF, Alessi-Severini S, Mahmud SM, Brownell M, Kuo IF.

Association between severe unaddressed dental needs and developmental health at school entry in Canada: A cross-sectional study.

Janus M, Reid-Westoby C, Lee C, Brownell M, Maguire JL.

The Association of Inadequate and Intensive Prenatal Care With Maternal, Fetal, and Infant Outcomes: A Population-Based Study in Manitoba, Canada

Maureen I. Heaman, Patricia J. Martens, Marni D. Brownell, Mariette J. Chartier, Shelley A. Derksen, Michael E. Helewa,

The authors respond to "Failure to monitor or prevent unintended pregnancy is the key intergenerational problem, not the pregnancy outcome"

Liu N, Farrugia MM, Vigod SN, Urquia ML, Ray JG.

Cancer incidence, state at diagnosis and outcomes among Manitoba First Nations people living on and off reserve: A retrospective population-based analysis.

Horrill TC, Dahl L, Sanderson E, Munro G, Garson C, Fransoo R, Thompson G, Cook C, Linton J, Schultz ASH

Children Facing Deep Poverty in Manitoba, Canada: Subsidized Licensed Childcare and School Readiness for Children With and Without Special Needs

 Eleoussa Polyzoi, Elif Acar, Jeff Babb, Sheri-Lynn Skwarchuk, Marni Brownell, Robert Kinnear & Kristina Cliteur

Comparison of Patient-Reported Outcomes in Laparoscopic and Open Right Hemicolectomy: A Retrospective Cohort Study.

Vela N, Bubis LD, Davis LE, Mahar AL, Kennedy E, Coburn NG.

Comparison of treatment strategies and thresholds for optimizing fracture prevention in Canada: A simulation analysis.

Leslie WD, Morin SN, Lix LM, Binkley N.

Data variability across Canadian administrative health databases: Differences in content, coding, and completeness.

Doyle CM, Lix LM, Hemmelgarn BR, Paterson JM, Renoux C.

Development of an administrative definition for celiac disease.

Duerksen DR, Lix LM, Leslie WD.

Disparities in management and outcomes of myocardial infarction in multiple sclerosis: A matched cohort study.

Duerksen DR, Lix LM, Marrie RA, Tremlett H, Kingwell E, Schaffer SA, Yogendran M, Zhu F, Fransoo R, Garland A.

Evaluation of administrative case definitions for chronic kidney disease in children.

Dart A, Chartier M, Komenda P, Walld R, Koseva I, Burchill C, Tangri N.

Examining mechanisms for gender differences in admission to intensive care units.

Hill A, Ramsey C, Dodek P, Kozek J, Fransoo R, Fowler R, Doupe M, Wong H, Scales D, Garland A.

Existing comorbidities in people with osteoarthritis: A retrospective analysis of a population-based cohort in Alberta, Canada.

Marshall DA, Liu X, Barnabe C, Yee K, Faris PD, Barber C, Mosher D, Noseworthy T, Werle J, Lix L.

The Manitoba Personalized Lifestyle Research (TMPLR) study protocol: a multicentre bidirectional observational cohort study with administrative health record linkage investigating the interactions between lifestyle and health in Manitoba, Canada.

Mackay D, Mollard RC, Granger M, Bruce S, Blewett H, Carlberg J, Duhamel T, Eck P, Faucher P, Hamm NC, Khafipour E, Lix L, McMillan D, Myrie S, Ravandi A, Tangri N, Azad M, Jones PJ.

Multiple sclerosis is associated with low bone mineral density and osteoporosis.

Bisson EJ, Finlayson ML, Ekuma O, Leslie WD, Marrie RA.

Patient-reported symptoms for esophageal cancer patients undergoing curative intent treatment.

Gupta V, Allen-Ayodabo C, Davis L, Zhao H, Hallet J, Mahar AL, Ringash J, Kidane B, Darling G, Coburn NG.

Population-Level Symptom Assessment Following Pancreaticoduodenectomy for Adenocarcinoma

Tung S, Davis LE, Hallet J, Mavros MN, Mahar AL, Bubis LD, Hammad A, Zhao H, Earle CC, Barbera L, Coburn NG

Prenatal antibiotics exposure and the risk of autism spectrum disorders: A population-based cohort study.

Hamad AF, Alessi-Severini S, Mahmud SM, Brownell M, Kuo IF.

Prenatal, maternal, and early childhood factors associated with dental general anesthesia to treat severe early childhood caries.

Schroth RJ, Mittermuller BA, Au W, Hai-Santiago K, Martin H, Martens P, Brownell M.

Prescription medication nonadherence associated with food insecurity: a population-based cross-sectional study.

Men F, Gundersen C, Urquia ML, Tarasuk V.

Qualitative case study investigating PAX-good behaviour game in first nations communities: insight into school personnel's perspectives in implementing a whole school approach to promote youth mental health.

Wu YQ, Chartier M, Ly G, Phanlouvong A, Thomas S, Weenusk J, Murdock N, Munro G, Sareen J.

Role of maternal age at birth in child development among Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian children in their first school year: a population-based cohort study

Hanly M, Falster K, Banks E, Lynch J, Chambers GM, Brownell M, Dillon A, Eades S, Jorm L

Screening for partner violence in the early postpartum period: Are we missing families most at risk of experiencing violence?

Taillieu TL, Brownridge DA, Brownell M.

Self-Monitoring of blood glucose in and hypoglycemia-related hospitalization in a population-based cohort of Canadian patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

Buxton K, Lix LM, Champagne A, Evans C, Shevchuk Y, Teare G, Mansell K, Blackburn DF.

Sustainment, Sustainability, and Spread Study (SSaSSy): Protocol for a study of factors that contribute to the sustainment, sustainability, and spread of practice changes introduced through an evidence-based quality-improvement intervention in Canadian nursing homes.

Berta WB, Wagg A, Cranley L, Doupe MB, Ginsburg L, Hoben M, MacEachern L, Chamberlain S, Clement F, Easterbrook A, Keefe JM, Knopp-Sihota J, Rappon T, Reid C, Song Y, Estabrooks CA.

Testing population-based performance measures identifies gaps in juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) care.

Barber CEH, Lix LM, Lacaille D, Marshall DA, Kroeker K, Benseler S, Twilt M, Schmeling H, Barnabe C, Hazlewood GS, Bykerk V, Homik J, Thorne JC, Burt J, Mosher D, Katz S, Shiff NJ.

Trends and predictors of clostridium difficile infection among children: A Canadian population-based study.

El-Matary W, Nugent Z, Yu BM, Lix LM, Targownik LE, Bernstein CN, Singh H.

Trends in chronic disease incidence rates from the Canadian Chronic Disease Surveillance System.

Hamm NC, Pelletier L, Ellison J, Tennenhouse L, Reimer K, Paterson JM, Puchtinger R, Bartholomew S, Phillips KAM, Lix LM.

Trends in mental health service utilisation in immigrant youth in Ontario, Canada, 1996-2012: a population-based longitudinal cohort study.

Saunders NR, Lebenbaum M, Lu H, Stukel TA, Urquia ML, Guttmann A.

Understanding the Particularities of an Unconditional Prenatal Cash Benefit for Low-Income Women: A Case Study Approach.

Struthers A, Metge C, Charette C, Enns JE, Nickel NC, Chateau D, Chartier M, Burland E, Katz A, Brownell M.

Variability in birthweight, birthweight charts, and adverse outcomes: Is the "right size" the right question?

Urquia ML.


From the Repository

Data Access Support Hub (DASH)

The Health Data Research Network (HDRN) has launched the Data Access Support Hub (DASH), a one-stop shop for requesting access to data from multiple provincial, territorial and pan-Canadian sources.

This initiative is made possible through the through the Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR), which is a collection of funding partnerships between the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), provinces and territories, philanthropic organizations, academic institutions, and health charities.

By offering a single access point for multi-jurisdictional data requests, DASH simplifies the way researchers request data access and provides a clear point of contact for ongoing support throughout the process.

Researchers can now sign up for a free DASH account and view datasets which are available for request through the platform. In this first phase, requests from SPOR SUPPORT Units and Networks, as well as recipients of Innovative Clinical Trials (iCT) grants, will be prioritized.

Learn more.

MCHP is pleased to have linkable immigration data available in the Repository.


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