Summer 2019

MCHP Quarterly Highlights

The Incidence of Diabetic Ketoacidosis During 'Emerging Adulthood' in the USA and Canada

Adam Gaffney, Andrea Christopher, Alan Katz, Dan Chateau, Chelsey McDougall, David Bor, David Himmelstein, Steffie Woolhandler, Danny McCormick

blood gloucose

Canadian healthcare system able to better support young adults managing diabetes than the American healthcare system.


The multigenerational effects of adolescent motherhood on child development

Elizabeth Wall-Wieler, Janelle Boram Lee, Nathan Nickel, Leslie L Roos

MCHP study finds that the grandchildren of adolescent mothers have lower child development scores than their peers.


Mothers of children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder have high rate of inadequate prenatal care

Deepa Singal, Marni Brownell, Elizabeth Wall-Wieler, Dan Chateau, Ana Hanlon-Dearman, Sally Longstaffe, Leslie L. Roos

The study of health data looked at Manitoba births over a 28-year period, from 1984 to 2012. It is one of the first studies in the world to investigate the rate of prenatal care among mothers of children diagnosed with FASD.


More Publications

A Holistic Approach to Risk for Early Kidney Injury in Indigenous Youth With Type 2 Diabetes: A Proof of Concept Paper From the iCARE Cohort.

Allison B. Dart,  Brandy Wicklow, Tom D. Blydt-Hansen, Elizabeth A. C. Sellers, Sayma Malik, Dan Chateau, Atul Sharma, Jonathan M. McGavock

A theory-based, task-oriented, outdoor walking programme for older adults with difficulty walking outdoors: protocol for the Getting Older Adults Outdoors (GO-OUT) randomised controlled trial.

Nancy M Salbach, Ruth Barclay, Sandra C Webber, C A Jones, Nancy E Mayo, Lisa Lix, Jacquie Ripat, Theresa Grant, Cornelia van Ineveld, Philip D Chilibeck

Accuracy of FRAX® in People With Multiple Sclerosis

Etienne J Bisson, Marcia L Finlayson, Okechukwu Ekuma, Ruth Ann Marrie, William D Leslie

Addressing Racial Inequities in Breastfeeding in the Southern United States.

Anne Merewood, Kimarie Bugg, Laura Burnham, Kirsten Krane, Nathan Nickel, Sarah Broom, Roger Edwards, Lori Feldman-Winter

Annual trends in prevalence and incidence of autism spectrum disorders in Manitoba preschoolers and toddlers: 2004–2015.

Amani F. Hamad, Silvia Alessi-Severin, Salaheddin M. Mahmud, Marni Brownell, I fan Kuo

Changes in Caregiver Health in the Years Surrounding the Birth of a Child With Health Problems: Administrative Data From British Columbia

Brehaut, Jamie C., Guèvremont, Anne, Arim, Rubab G., Garner, Rochelle E., Miller, Anton R., McGrail, Kimberlyn M., Brownell, Marni, Lach, Lucy, Rosenbaum, Peter L., Kohen, Dafna E

Estimating glomerular filtration rate in youth with obesity and type 2 diabetes: the iCARE study equation.

A. B. Dart, J. McGavock, A. Sharma, D. Chateau, G. J. Schwartz, T. Blydt-Hansen

Effects of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health events on work and earnings: a population-based retrospective cohort study

Allan Garland, Sung-Hee Jeon, Michael Stepner, Michelle Rotermann, Randy Fransoo, Hannah Wunsch, Damon C. Scales, Theodore J. Iwashyna and Claudia Sanmartin

Evaluating the Manitoba Infant feeding database: A Canadian infant feeding surveillance system.

Julia A. Paul, Joanne Chateau, Chris Green, Lynne Warda, Maureen Heaman, Alan Katz, Carolyn Perchuk, Lorraine Larocque, Janelle Boram Lee, Nathan Nickel

Events Within the First Year of Life, but not the Neonatal Period, Affect Risk for Later Development of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Charles N. Bernstein, Charles Burchill, Laura Targownik, Harminder Singh, Leslie L. Roos

Factors Associated With Bone Density Monitoring While on Antiosteoporosis Treatment in Routine Clinical Practice: A Registry-Based Cohort Study.

Leslie WD, Morin SN, Martineau P, Bryanton M, Lix LM

Fentanyl Patches: A Sticky Safety Situation

K.J. Friesen, S.C. Bugden

Fracture Risk Indices From DXA-Based Finite Element Analysis Predict Incident Fractures Independently From FRAX: The Manitoba BMD Registry.

Leslie WD, Luo Y, Yang S, Goertzen AL, Ahmed S, Delubac I, Lix LM

Health services use among children diagnosed with medium-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency through newborn screening: a cohort study in Ontario, Canada.

Maria D. Karaceper, Sara D. Khangura, Kumanan Wilson, Doug Coyle, Marni Brownell, ... Beth K. Potter, in collaboration with the Canadian Inherited Metabolic Diseases Research Network (CIMDRN)

Hip fracture care in Manitoba, Canada and New York State, United States: an analysis of administrative data.

Peter Cram, Lisa Lix, Eric Bohm, Lin Yan, Leslie L. Roos, John Matelski, Rajiv Gandhi, Bruce Landon, William D. Leslie

Maternal Social and Economic Factors and Infant Morbidity, Mortality, and Congenital Anomaly: Are There Associations?

Leanne Kosowan, Javier Mignone, Mariette Chartier, Caroline Piotrowski

Mental Disorders and Suicide Attempts in the Pregnancy and Postpartum Periods Compared with Non-Pregnancy: A Population-Based Study.

Mota, Natalie P., Mariette Chartier, Okechukwu Ekuma, Yao Nie, Jennifer M. Hensel, Leonard MacWilliam, Chelsey McDougall, Simone Vigod, and James M. Bolton

Missing girls among deliveries from Indian and Chinese mothers in Spain 2007-2015.

Adela Castelló, Marcelo Urquia, María Ángeles Rodríguez-Arenas, Francisco Bolúmar

Nursing Home Length of Stay in 3 Canadian Health Regions: Temporal Trends, Jurisdictional Differences, and Associated Factors.

Matthias Hoben, Stephanie A. Chamberlain, Andrea Gruneir, Jennifer A. Knopp-Sihota, Jason M. Sutherland, Jeffrey W. Poss, Malcolm B. Doupe, ... Carole A. Estabrooks

Physician procedure volume and related adverse events after surgically induced abortion: A population-based cohort

Ning Liu, Simone N. Vigod, M. Michèle Farrugia, Marcelo L. Urquia, Joel G. Ray

Predicting High Health Care Resource Utilization in a Single-payer Public Health Care System: Development and Validation of the High Resource User Population Risk Tool.

Laura C. Rosella, Kathy Kornas, Zhan Yao, Douglas G. Manuel, Catherine Bornbaum, Randy Fransoo, Therese Stukel

Performance of FRAX and FRAX-Based Treatment Thresholds in Women Aged 40 and Older: The Manitoba BMD Registry.

Carolyn J Crandall, John T Schousboe, Suzanne N Morin , Lisa Lix, William Leslie

Prescription medication use during pregnancies that resulted in births and abortions (2001-2013): A retrospective population-based study in a Canadian population.

Christine Leong, Dan Chateau, Matthew Dahl, Jamie Falk, Alan Katz, Shawn Bugden, Colette Raymond

Prevalence and Incidence of Rheumatoid Arthritis in Canadian First Nations and Non–First Nations People: A Population-Based Study

Carol A. Hitchon, Sazzadul Khan, Brenda Elias, Lisa Lix, Christine A.  Peschken,

Revisiting the association between maternal and offspring preterm birth using a sibling design.

Marcelo Urquia, Elizabeth Wall-Wieler, Chelsea A. Ruth, Xiaoqing Liu, Leslie L. Roos

Refugee mothers, migration pathways and HIV: A population-based cohort study.

Susitha Wanigaratne, Anita Gagnon, Donald Cole, Yogendra Shakya, Rahim Moineddin, Jennifer Blake, … Marcelo Urquia

Risk and associated factors for a future schizophrenia diagnosis after an index diagnosis of unspecified psychotic disorder: A population-based study. A Population-Based Study

Jennifer Hensel, Mariette Chartier, Okechukwu Ekuma, Leonard MacWilliam, Natalie Mota, Richard Tachere, Chelsey McDougall, James M. Bolton

Suicide Attempts and Completions among Mothers Whose Children Were Taken into Care by Child Protection Services: A Cohort Study Using Linkable Administrative Data.

Elizabeth Wall-Wieler, Leslie L. Roos, Marni Brownell, Nathan Nickel, Dan Chateau, Deepa Singal

The Association of Inadequate and Intensive Prenatal Care With Maternal, Fetal, and Infant Outcomes: A Population-Based Study in Manitoba, Canada

Maureen Heaman, Patricia Martens, Marni Brownell, Mariette Chartier, Shelley Derksen, Michael. Helewa

The Relationship Between Adverse Childhood Experiences and Health Care Use in the Manitoba IBD Cohort Study.

Maureen Heaman, Kelcie Witges, Charles Bernstein,  Kathryn Sexton, Tracie Afifi, John Walker, Zoann Nugent, Lisa Lix

Traditional risk factors may not explain increased incidence of myocardial infarction in MS.

Ruth Ann Marrie, Allan Garland, Stephen Allan Schaffer, Randy Fransoo, Stella Leung, Marina Yogendran, Elaine Kingwell, Helen Tremlett

Which is the preferred site for bone mineral density monitoring as an indicator of treatment-related anti-fracture effect in routine clinical practice? A registry-based cohort study.

W. D. Leslie, P. Martineau, M. Bryanton, L. Lix


From the Repository

Administrative data research in Canada is taking some big steps forward with the SPOR Canadian Data Platform (CDP). The SPOR CDP is a pan-Canadian initiative involving researchers and policy makers from every province and most territories. The network will enhance Canada’s capacity to analyze routinely collected government data in cross-jurisdictional research by leveraging strong existing national capacity and new advances in analytic techniques. The model allows data to remain within each provincial while being analyzed as if it were centrally located. 

Drs. Alan Katz and Lisa Lix will co-lead this initiative in Manitoba.

MCHP is pleased to offer a suite of environmental datasets that can be linked to population, health and social data within the Manitoba Population Research Data Repository by postal-codes.


About Manitobans, with Manitobans 

MCHP is building relationships with Manitobans through its newly formed Public Engagement Group. This group is intended to build a long-term relationship with a group of interested individuals who can provide feedback to MCHP as a whole and to individual researchers about the work we do.      



The Health Status of Community-Dwelling Older Adults in Manitoba

Chateau D, Doupe M, Prior H, Soodeen R, Sarkar J, Dragan R, Stevenson D, Rajotte L.

This report focuses on the health status and health care use patterns for community-dwelling older adults in Manitoba (i.e., not a resident of a nursing home). Using both health system data and self-report data from the Canadian Community Health Survey, a large number of indicators were examined that addressed physical health and wellbeing, mental health status, health care use, drug use, and numerous social indicators (e.g., living in social housing, receipt of income assistance, victim of crime). The baby boom generation has started to become senior citizens, and this timely report looks at the changes they may have brought with them to the population of older adults. The youngest of the older adults (age 65-74) saw a dramatic growth in size during the study period (2005-2014), boosting the population of older adults in Manitoba by over 20,000 in just five years. Above and beyond the increased demand on services that would be expected from population growth, we can expect changes in the health status of this population, and in how older Manitobans might interact with the health care system. Results are reported by three age groups (65-74, 75-84. 85+), and at regional and sub-regional levels. This will allow planners and all Manitobans to understand what is happening at a local level, and to focus primary care resources and other services and resources to meet the changing demands of this population.


Strategies for Developing a Personal Care Home Report Card in Manitoba

Doupe M, Brownell M, McDougall C, Koseva I, Dik N, McCulloch S, Sarkar J.

Medical Measures measuring for % of people who have bed sores, reporting being in moderate to severe pain, do not get daily oral care, have depression and do not receive antidepressant therapy. Measures that make a personal care home feel like "home" private rooms, food options, flexible meal times, leisure activities, staff training

Personal care homes (PCHs) provide care to people who face significant and multiple challenges. Strategies are needed to help care providers continually improve the quality of the medical and social care in PCHs, and to help Manitobans identify facilities where they may like to live. The purpose of this study was two-fold. First, we identified clinical quality indicators (QIs) that providers and planners feel are most appropriate to use in PCHs. We compared these QIs across facilities in ways that help stakeholders identify residents for whom quality of care is good and also where improvements may be needed. Second, by reviewing existing websites and the academic literature, we developed a list of recommendations for developing a PCH report card website in Manitoba. This website should be designed to help people identify PCHs where they or their loved ones would like to live, and to facilitate discussions between residents and providers about the goals of PCH care.