MCHP Faculty and Staff


Alan Katz, Director; Professor; Senior Research Scientist


Research Scientists and Associates

Marni Brownell, Associate Director, Research; Professor; Senior Research Scientist
Mariette Chartier, Assistant Professor; Research Scientist
Malcolm Doupe, Associate Professor; Senior Research Scientist
Jennifer Enns, Research Associate
Lisa Lix, Professor; Senior Research Scientist
Alyson Mahar, Assistant Professor; Research Scientist
Nathan C. Nickel, Associate Director, Deliverables; Associate Professor; Research Scientist
Leslie Roos, Founding Director; Senior Research Scientist
Noralou Roos, Founding Director; Professor Emerita
Chelsea Ruth, Assistant Professor; Research Scientist
Deepa Singal, Research Associate
Marcelo Urquia, Associate Professor; Research Scientist
Elizabeth Wall-Wieler, Assistant Professor; Research Scientist

Research Coordinators

Ruth-Ann Soodeen, Lead Research Coordinator
Ina Koseva, Research Coordinator
Scott McCulloch, Research Coordinator
Jennifer Schultz, Research Coordinator
Dale Stevenson, Research Coordinator

Research Project Coordinators - Research Lab

Lindsey Dahl, Research Project Coordinator
Nkiru Eze, Research Project Coordinator
Amy Freier, Research Project Coordinator
Farzana Quddus, Research Project Coordinator
Lisa Zhang, Research Project Coordinator

Research Assistants

John-Michael Bowes
Susan Burchill

Postdoctoral Fellows

Thekla Brunkert, Postdoctoral Fellow
Heather Finnegan, Postdoctoral Fellow
Andrée-Anne Fafard St-Germain, Postdoctoral Fellow

Knowledge Broker

Jennifer Pepneck

Graphic Designer

Cara Jonasson


Charles Burchill, Associate Director, Repository, Data Access and Use

Data Acquisition

Say Hong, Data Management Analyst
Mary Horodyski, Metadata Analyst
Sathi Saha, Data Management Analyst
Dave Towns, Senior Data Management Analyst

Repository Access and Documentation

Theresa Daniuk, Repository Access Assistant
Kara Dyck, Repository Access Coordinator
Cheri Farfan, Repository Access Assistant
Emily Jones, Repository Access Assistant

Ken Turner, Repository Data Analyst

Data Analysts

Heather Prior, Lead Data Analyst
Wendy Au, Data Analyst
Matt Dahl, Data Analyst
Shelley Derksen, Data Analyst
Gilles Detillieux, Data Analyst
Roxana Dragan, Data Analyst
Oke Ekuma, Data Analyst & Statistical Consultant
Pierce Gorun, Student Data Analyst
Joykrishna Sarkar, Data Analyst
Monica Sirski, Data Analyst
Angela Tan, Data Analyst
Carole Taylor, Data Analyst
Randy Walld, Data Analyst
Marina Yogendran, Data Analyst

Information Technology

Rod McRae, Information Technology Manager
Darrin Halabuza, Information Technology Support


Selena Randall, Associate Director, Planning and Development

Kara Dyck, Executive Assistant / Office Manager


Sophie Buternowsky, Senior Grants Accountant
Ariel Bautista, Grants Accountant
Jeannie Chen, Grants Accountant
Osa Edegbe, Finance and HR Assistant

Research Support

Eileen Boriskewich, Project Manager & Outreach Officer, Get Your Benefits

Last Updated: February 19, 2021