The Health Status of and Access to Healthcare by Registered First Nation Peoples in Manitoba

This deliverable is the product of a strong and developing relationship between MCHP and the First Nations Health and Social Secretariat of Manitoba.  It looks at health and healthcare use patterns of First Nations people living in Manitoba. The analyses provide comparisons between First Nations and all other Manitobans, comparisons between on and off reserve First Nations, and regional comparisons by Regional Health Authority and by Tribal Council Areas. It is the first study to use the Regional Health Survey which includes on-reserve First Nation peoples. The results demonstrate the widening gap between the health of First Nations and all other Manitobans and point to inequities in service provision.

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 First Nations Infographic

Cover Artwork - Artist Acknowledgement

First Nations Cover Image

Cherish One Another
By Jackie Traverse

Manitoba Centre for Health Policy and First Nation Health and Social Secretariat of Manitoba would like thank artist Jackie Traverse for providing the artwork for “The Health Status of and Access to Healthcare by Registered First Nation Peoples in Manitoba” report cover.

Traverse is an Anishinabe woman from Lake St. Martin, First Nations and University of Manitoba School of Art alumna. She works in a range of mediums including sculpture, mixed media and video. Her work is recognized across Canada.

Traverse’s works speak to the realities of being an Indigenous woman. She is moved by the injustices faced by First Nation people. Through her art Traverse strives to inspire dialogue to address her people’s social issues.

Art is where Traverse’s heart lies, feeling the strongest spiritual connection with all that she creates. Making art is where Traverse finds some of her happiest moments.

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