Completed projects:

Global exchanges, local interventions: Meeting the HIV prevention and health care needs of men who have sex with men (MSM) in Canada, Kenya and China.
In this project, we propose to establish a community-based intervention research (CBIR) team and program to A) generate new knowledge around the barriers that inhibit MSM from accessing HIV-related health services; and B) to foster new opportunities for co-learning, by creating a dynamic global interchange of intervention knowledge as our team proceeds through intervention design, service delivery, surveillance, and refinement in Canada, Kenya and China.

Global HIV Prevention Program Science Technical Support and Knowledge Management.
The purpose of this project is to elaborate the Program Science framework through the development and translation of knowledge and experience.

Harnessing Mobile Phone Usage for HIV and Horizontal Health Systems Improvement: PMTCT.
The aim of this project is to address the possibility of integrating cell phone technology into prevention of mother to child transmission in HIV (PMTCT) services.

mHealth and Prevention of Maternal to Child Transmission of HIV (PMTCT): is Cell Phone Technology the Key to Improving Outcomes in Kenya?
The overall goal of this project is to determine if mobile phones could be used to improve PMTCT by way of strengthening health systems.

Support to African Countries in the Design and Development of Targeted HIV Prevention Programs.
The goal of this initiative is to foster and disseminate lessons in HIV prevention programming learned within India and worldwide.

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