Bold Ideas Colloquium Series

The Bold Ideas Colloquium Series moves beyond just a story or a list of facts – it showcases ideas that takes certain evidence and draws a larger conclusion for the benefit of family, community, population and public health. By showcasing bold ideas in a series, we contribute to new or extend existing faculty and student scholarly thinking and networks.

Bold ideas are the most interesting, particularly when seasoned with an antagonist. Talks will ask new questions, either prompting us to think local when a particular topic cannot be addressed globally, or to think global where we reflect outward so that other communities can learn from our community, or to reflect inward when we learn or adapt from the world not known or familiar to us (glocally).

We are looking for speakers whose talk will cover one or more of our thematic areas. The themes are broad and overarching, thus allowing for diversity in topics and speakers, including relevance to our undergraduate and graduate curriculum.  By adopting a short talk model, attendees will have the opportunity to debate and critically reflect on the ideas and conclusions presented in this one-hour session.

We invite speakers from our faculty, medical residents, research fellows, research associates, students, visiting scholars, and our colleagues in the federal, provincial, regional, and community health/social systems.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Brenda Elias
Director, Bold Ideas Colloquium Series
Bannatyne Campus
Ph: (204) 789-3358