Encouraging Filing Taxes

Filing a tax return every year allows individuals and families to unlock access to federal and provincial benefits which can contribute to improved health and wellbeing. Given the widely recognized link between income and health, the following resources were created to encourage people to access these benefits.They can be used in a variety of settings to promote tax filing.

  Both of the following posters - Those reasons you didn't file your taxes last year? and Having trouble making ends meet? - are available with editable boxes to enable you to tailor the information to your setting - either by entering the text before printing or by writing in the information by hand after printing.
  Reasons not file taxes poster Those reasons you didn't file your taxes last year?
  - English pdf: colour  /  B/W
  - French pdf: colour
Trouble ends meet poster

Having trouble making ends meet?
  - English pdf: colour  / B/W
  - French pdf: colour

  Tax Poster Guide - includes suggestions on how to best use the tax filing posters. Guidance is provided for having supportive conversations about tax filing. Key points to speak to include encouraging, explaining, asking about barriers, finding out about eligibility, and reminding about other potential benefits not included in income tax filing.

Community Financial Helpline - Call or text 431-813-4357 (431-813-HELP) or toll free 1-855-955-4234 (1-855-955-4CFH) with questions about tax filing, obtaining identification, federal COVID-19 recovery benefits, other income supports such as EIA, benefits and credits such as the Canada Child Benefit, and debt management and credit counselling.
A free service for community members living on low incomes, the Helpline is operated by Community Financial Counselling Services (CFCS), Community Unemployed Help Centre, Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba (IRCOM), and SEED Winnipeg, with support from United Way Winnipeg, the Government of Canada, Prosper Canada, and the Province of Manitoba.

Tax Clinic Resources

stats Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP) - is a collaboration between community organizations and the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Community organizations host free tax preparation clinics and arrange for volunteers to prepare tax returns for those with modest incomes and simple tax situations.


Resources for tax clinics to help support the preparation of tax and benefit returns for eligible individuals and families:

It's your money! fact sheets from Canada Revenue Agency provide information about benefits, credits and deductions that can be obtained by regularly filing taxes "even if you have no income at all"; this information is tailored to several population groups. For hard copies please email Cayla Linaker, Canada Revenue Agency at Cayla.Linaker@cra-arc.gc.ca
Fact Sheets
Indigenous Newcomers Seniors
Disability Shelters Students
  Modest income fact sheet

Modest Income fact sheet - How you can get benefit and credit payments.

  It's your money Card size summary - What you can get when you do your taxes and where to go for more information.  
  Indigenous fact sheet
Fact sheet - Why you need to do your taxes, and the benefits, credits and deductions available to you. Also additional information on what to do if you don't have all the necessary documents.
  • English pdf
  • also available in French, Inuktitut, Swampy Cree, Plains Cree, Dene, Montagnais, and Labrador Inuktitut
  CRA indigenous Poster - Benefits and credits available to you when you do your taxes.

 Newcomers card

 Card size summary - Are you new to Canada? As a resident of Canada, there are benefits and credits you may be eligible for.


 Newcomers CRA resources

 Fact sheet for newcomers - Doing your taxes can benefit you! How to sign up to get your benefit and credit payments.

  • English pdf
  • also available in French, Arabic, Tagalog, Simplified Chinese, and Punjabi

Refugee - Warda

Refugees -- Maria

Fact sheets for refugees - How Warda and Maria got benefits and credits after escaping war and violence in their home countries and resettling in Canada.


 CRA newcomers

Poster - New to Canada? Benefits and credits available to you from CRA.

  seniors  Card size summary -Age has its benefits. Did you know there are many benefits and credits available for seniors? Need more information?
  Seniors fact sheet Fact sheet for seniors - Age has its benefits...and credits and tax deductions. Need help?


Card size summary - Doing your taxes has its perks, and everything can be done online.
   Students benefits fact sheet

Fact sheet - Doing your taxes has its perks! Put more money in your pocket: go digital and avoid delays and incorrect payments.


Disability resources from CRA
  CRA disability

Card size summary - Benefits and credits available to you. Want more information?

  Disability resources

Fact sheet -  Applying for the disability tax credit - who is eligible and how to apply.


Shelters resources from CRA
  Womens shelters resources

Fact sheet - Get your payments when you need them most, particularly if you have fled an abusive situation.

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