Personal Stories
  • United Way Winnipeg: Living on the Edge - A poverty simulation provides a way that "you can walk a metaphorical mile in the lives of Winnipeggers experiencing life with a low income".
  • United Way Winnipeg: Poverty to Possibility - Other stories from United Way such as "Can you Make the Month" and "Calandra's Story".
  • Momentum: Payday Lending Story - A story of how a group of dynamic change makers were brought together to "influence legislation around payday lending and create real alternatives". Momentum is a Calgary organization using a community development approach to offer hope and opportunity to people living in poverty. More stories at their blog, Momentum: Engage.
  • Canada Without Poverty: Wayne's story - a blog series, Spotlight on Poverty, where board members - who all have a lived experience of poverty - are asked about their story and how their poverty has affected their own lives.



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