Seniors and 55 Plus
Canada Pension Plan (CPP) – If you worked in Canada (outside of Quebec) and contributed to the CPP, you can receive a retirement pension. The standard age for the pension is 65, but you can start receiving a reduced retirement pension as early as age 60 or increase the monthly amount by waiting up to age 70. CPP is paid monthly. The amount is based on your contributions to the Plan and the age you decide to start your CPP retirement pension. You should apply for this pension six months before you would like to begin collecting it.

Old Age Security (OAS) – Anyone who has lived in Canada for at least 10 years can receive OAS starting the month after they turn 65. If you have lived here 40 years or more you should get the full monthly pension. Apply for the OAS six months before your 65th birthday. (If you can be automatically enrolled, Service Canada will send you a notification letter the month after you turn 64).

Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) – A non-taxable benefit for low-income OAS pensioners. You can apply for your OAS pension and GIS at the same time. Monthly amount depends on annual income from the previous tax year. Eligibility for GIS is reviewed each year when you file your tax return; it is automatically renewed for seniors who qualify.

Spousal Allowance/Allowance for the Survivor – Income-tested benefits paid to a 60-64 year-old spouse/common-law of an OAS recipient or to a survivor. The monthly amount depends on annual income and is reviewed each year when you file your tax return. Automatically renewed for those who qualify.

For more information on the above programs, contact Service Canada or call 1-800-O-CANADA (1-800-622-6232).


55 Plus – Provincial financial supplement, issued quarterly, to low-income seniors 55 years or older, and based on income on the previous year's tax return. It is also available if you receive only the health care benefits portion of Employment and Income Assistance. Call 204-948-7368 (Winnipeg) or 1-877-587-6224 (Toll-Free).

Manitoba Home Care -  A universal service provided to Manitobans of all ages, based on assessed need. Services are listed in Your Guide to Home Care Services in Manitoba [pdf]

Seniors Resource Finders- A service provided through the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority offering information and referral to community resources.

A&O: Support Services for Older Adults - Provides specialized services for older Manitobans across the province. Call 204-956-6440 or email




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