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Should we treat poverty like any equivalent health condition?

Of course.


You can help your patients who live in poverty.



By using Poverty: A Clinical Tool for Primary Care Providers (MB)*
To ask, assess, act and inform patients about benefits available to Canadians.

 * Tools for other provinces and territories are available at the Centre for Effective Practice: Poverty.



  • Do you ever have difficulty making ends meet at the end of the month?


  • Examine the evidence between poverty and poor physical and mental health.
  • Factor poverty into clinical decision-making like other risk factors.
  • Inform your patients of specific benefit programs they may be eligible for such as Manitoba Prenatal Benefits.
  • Direct your patients to apply for federal financial supports such as Old Age Security, Child Tax Benefit, Disability benefits or First Nations programs.
  • Sign forms and write letters to support applications, if needed.
  • Encourage your patients to fill out and mail in their income tax forms to make them eligible for various benefits, including drug coverage.


  • Direct your patients to specific community programs and online resources provided by regional, provincial and federal non-profit organizations and governments.
  • Make the website and/or hard copies of Get Your Benefits! available. This booklet details resources and income supports.


Michael Allan and James McCormack from Therapeutics Education Collaboration invited Gary Bloch to talk in detail about poverty in the following podcasts:


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Should we treat poverty like any equivalent health condition? - a one-page summary.

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Resources and Benefits

Booklet (2020)

Project summary