Other Services
Citizens' Bridge –  helps those living on low income access identification (Canadian birth certificates) needed to access government benefits and programs. They can also assist with safely storing identification, opening bank accounts, getting a learner's/driver's licence, and employment and financial skills. For a referral, contact a Community Referral Partner listed in Facebook (under General Information). After referral, an appointment can be booked by calling Citizens' Bridge at 204-691-9719 or visiting them at 607 Selkirk Avenue. For Outreach and ID Clinics call 204-691-9720.

Manitoba Address Change - A simple way to notify multiple organizations of your change of address.

211 Manitoba - A searchable online database of government, health, and social services available across the province. Manitobans can now call 211 for information on services.

Legal Aid Manitoba - provides free or affordable legal services to low-income adults and youth and public interest groups.

  • Winnipeg - 204-985-8500 or Toll-Free 1-800-261-2960
  • Brandon - 1-800-766-2148 Toll-Free
  • Dauphin - 1-877-622-4660 Toll-Free
  • The Pas - 1-855-775-2397 Toll-Free
  • Thompson - 1 855-444-4665 Toll-Free

Manitoba Government Inquiry - For general inquiries, if you don't see what you're looking for, call 204-945-3744 (Winnipeg) or Toll-Free 1-866-626-4862.

Veterans and Caregivers

  • Veterans Independence Program (VIP) - provides funding for services such as grounds maintenance, housekeeping, meal preparation, personal care, and professional health and support services. This program does not replace other federal, provincial or municipal programs. Instead, it is intended to work with those programs to help meet your needs.
  • Caregiver Recognition Benefit (CRB) - is for informal caregivers supporting veterans living with physical and/or mental health conditions who require the continuous provision of care and supervision.



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