Genetic Basis of Development and Disease
Members of our Department conduct research in a broad range of areas, ranging from defining the phenotype of specific genetic disorders to identifying the gene, understanding its pathogenesis, and developing therapeutic strategies.  Research that covered this full spectrum of study has been applied to disorders affecting some of Manitoba’s unique populations. 

Gene mapping and molecular epidemiology
Clinical and basic science colleagues have applied a range of molecular and bioinformatics strategies to identify the causes of disease or phenotype variability in unique populations in Manitoba and beyond.

Faculty in this research area are:
Dr. Bernie Chodirker
Dr. Patrick Frosk
Dr. Michelle Liu 
Dr. Sandra Marles 
Dr. Louise Simard
Dr. Teresa Zelinski

Model organisms in genetic disease
Skills in the application of C. elegans, mouse, and yeast to understanding human genetic disease have allowed this group to develop and apply key models to human disease problems.

Faculty in this research area are:
Dr. Hao Ding 
Dr. Dan Gietz
Dr. Geoff Hicks 
Dr. Dave Merz
Dr. Mojgan Rastegar

Genetics of metabolic disease
Members of this group study a broad spectrum of metabolic disease ranging from lysosomal storage disorders to disorders or the vasculature and ribosome.
Faculty in this research area are:
Dr. Aziz Mhanni
Dr. Cheryl Rockman-Greenberg
Dr. Barbara Triggs-Raine
Dr. Jeffrey Wigle