Regenerative Medicine
Regenerative medicine is an emerging field of medicine focused on repairing and replacing damaged cells and tissues. Often, this involves harnessing the power of stem cells, which can renew themselves and differentiate into many other cell types. The research will provide the basis for the development of new medical procedures for the regeneration of muscles, heart tissues, nerve tissues, and cancer in broad range of human diseases.
The Regenerative Medicine Program launched by the Max Rady College of Medicine in 2008 is an important and exciting initiative. Dr. Geoff Hicks, Director, heads the group of eight Principal Investigators who have developed nationally recognized stem cell and regenerative medicine research programs within the Faculty. This Centre of Excellence for Regenerative Medicine is located on the sixth floor of the Basic Medical Sciences Centre and currently is home to approximately 8 professors, 36 graduate students, 20 technologists and research associates and 10 postdoctoral fellows. The program builds upon the storied, 125-year Faculty of Medicine history of excellence in medical research and service to the community.

Faculty in this research area:
Dr. Geoff Hicks
Dr. Soheila Karimi (Physiology & Pathophysiology)
Dr. Afshin Raouf (Immunology)
Dr. Mojgan Rastegar
Dr. Donna Wall (Immunology)
Dr. Tamra Werbowetski-Ogilvie