Frequently Asked Questions
I have courses/prerequisites in progress, what do I do?

Courses in progress are acceptable for your application and admission is contingent on your successful completion of these courses. Courses in progress should be either listed on your uploaded transcripts or alternatively you can provide a letter from your course coordinator indicating you are enrolled.

I did not receive a grade for a required course from my University due to COVID-19. Can this course still be used to meet requirements?

Due to COVID-19, the University of Manitoba GCP will accept a "pass" or "complete" grade in required/recommended courses for the Spring 2020 term, with the appropriate explanation noted on the official transcript. Grades of "pass" or "complete" will not be included in the GPA calculation.

What are examples of the required “counselling experience”?

Counselling experiences could include work with crisis programs, planned parenthood and peer-to-peer counselling.  Most of these experiences provide training. This work could include both in person and phone and be paid or volunteer. Most successful applicants have worked/volunteered in this capacity on a part time basis for over a year.

Can you review my application and transcripts to see if I meet the application requirements?

Transcripts or other materials will not be reviewed in advance of the submission of an application. Please review all application requirements listed in detail on our webpage.

How many credit hours are required?

Applicants are required to complete a 4-year degree or equivalent (120 credit hours).

What if I completed my previous education at multiple institutions?

Transcripts from all institutions (including those where courses are in progress) should be scanned and uploaded. For a BSc the GPA is calculated based on the most recent 60 credit hours taken at a degree-granting institution.

How do I submit my transcripts?

Transcripts from all institutions attended should be scanned and uploaded in the application package, which will include completed and in progress courses. Admission to the program will be contingent on the completion of the in-progress courses. Degree certificates are not required at the time of application. In some cases, the Faculty of Graduate Studies may request degree certificates as a condition of admission.

How much coursework is required for prerequisites?

Applicants should have completed undergraduate genetics courses in principles of genetics, cell biology and molecular biology. At least one course in psychology is required. Courses in developmental biology, statistics and embryology are an asset but not required.

Can I edit my application online?

You can save changes within the application package. Once the application is submitted, no further changes are permitted.

Do I need to have a thesis supervisor in advance of applying?

No. Thesis projects and supervisors will be determined after enrollment in the program.

Do all placements take place in Winnipeg or are there other locations as well?

All clinical placements (rotations) take place in Winnipeg during the academic year (Fall-Winter). Summer rotations can be arranged at centres with certified genetic counsellors outside of Manitoba.

Are GRE scores required?


What are the Annual Tuition Fees?

Tuition fees for the GCP are listed here (

Are there scholarships available?

There are a number of scholarships available to our students locally and nationally.
Past awards granted to our students can be found here (

I met the requirements, why did I not get an interview?

The applicant pool for an MSc in Genetic Counselling is very competitive. We receive a high number of qualified applicants every year and successful applicants generally exceed the minimum requirements listed on our webpage. As a result, meeting the minimum program requirements does not guarantee an interview or admission. If you would like feedback on your application, we would be pleased to provide it.

I have previously applied in the past, is there a special process for re-applicants?
Your account will remain active for 2 years since your first applicant and certain data, such as contact and biographical and education data, will pre-populate in your application. The Admissions office may be able to upload transcripts from the last time you applied, but otherwise a new application and documents are required (for questions email