Faculty Research Projects


Department of Anesthesia          

Faculty Research by Principal Investigator   


Dr. Ryan Amadeo            

Dexamethasone and interscalene blockade in shoulder surgeries

HPA axis suppression in epidural steroid injection for chronic pain


Dr. Sanjay Aragola          

Ketorolac and blood loss in knee surgery

Tranexamic acid and blood loss in hip and knee surgeries


Dr. Archie Benoit

Postoperative outcomes in cataract surgery patients at Misericordia Hospital


Dr. Mani Bhangu

Role of anesthesia in undergraduate education


Dr. Rob Brown

Video-assisted debriefing and medical student performance during team-based simulation


Dr. Renée El-Gabalawy

Medical and mental health correlates of breast cancer surgery

Preoperative prognostic factors of postoperative delirium

Anxiety in patients with inflammatory arthritis and chronic pain


Dr. Duane Funk

Inflammatory biomarkers and postoperative complications

Cerebral oximetry and postoperative outcome in non-cardiac patients

Goal-directed fluid therapy


Dr. Doug Maguire

Spinal anesthesia in caesarian sections and cardiac surgery


Dr. Ruth Graham             

Academic performance in children exposed to general anesthesia

Vasopressin effect on hypoxic pulmonary hypertension


Dr. Hilary Grocott           

Extra-cranial contamination of cerebral oximetry in CABG

Blood conservation in cardiac surgery (POC)

Transfusion in cardiac surgery (TRICS III)

ICU intervention in cardiac surgery patients (NIRS)


Dr. Eric Jacobsohn          

Anesthesia delivery in Canada: scenario planning

EEG guidance of anesthesia to alleviate geriatric syndromes (ENGAGES-CANADA)

Consent form templates and readability standards

Medical students’ exposure to negative behaviours in the operating room

Dr. Stephen Kowalski   
Assessment of cough strength in tracheostomies
Speaking valve database study
Spinal anesthesia in cardiac surgery
Decortications in Manitoba: a descriptive database study

 Dr. Heather McDonald 

Surgical Intermediate Care Unit: effect on patient outcomes


Dr. Ian McIntyre              

Etomidate vs ketamine and electroconvulsive therapy in Major Depressive Disorder


Dr. Brian Muirhead        

Fibrinogen vs cryoprecipitate in blood transfusion: an efficacy study


Dr. Alan Mutch                

Development of an adolescent control atlas in MRI

MRI assessment of cerebrovascular reactivity and delirium

MRI assessment in cerebral vasospasm

MRI studies of post-concussion syndrome in college athletes    


Dr. Tom Mutter

Sleep apnea in patients undergoing shoulder surgery

Sleep apnea in bariatric surgery patients

Trends in ambulatory surgery using the MCHP database

Postoperative visual loss in Manitoba

Retrospective study of obstructive sleep apnea postoperatively


Dr. Samantha Russell

Obstetrical anesthesia management practices


Dr. Faisal Siddiqui          

Speaking valves in weaning tracheostomy patients

Dexamethasone and quality of recovery in breast cancer patients


Dr. Vincent Wourms

Neuroanesthesia and ENGAGES-CANADA Trial



Additional Faculty Research

Dr. Trevor Lee

Dr. Judith Littleford