Anesthesia Research Office

The purpose of the Research Office is to provide support to promote current and future research projects in the department.

Services Offered:

  • Consultation on Project Design and Statistics
  • Assistance with Ethics, Health Canada and Clinical Trial Submissions
  • Information on Funding Sources
  • Assistance with Grant Proposals & Manuscript Submissions
  • Assistance with Hiring Research Personnel
  • Budget Development for Grants/Ethics Submissions
  • Research Account Management

Research Department Phone Number: 204-787-1414

Anesthesia Research Office Staff:

Linda Girling, Research Administrator. Linda has over fifteen years’ experience in both clinical and animal-based research in respiratory medicine and neuroanesthesia. Linda was hired in December 2008 with the official opening of the Anesthesia Research Office. She provides support to researchers and residents in areas of grant funding opportunities and submissions, ethics submissions, technical support with research-related hardware and software, manuscript preparation and submission, graphics for various presentation platforms, assistance and consultation on database development and statistics, support for hiring/training of research personnel, and management of research grants.

Hessam Kashani, Research Assistant. Hessam previously practiced as a general practitioner in Iran prior to emigrating to Canada in 2011.Hessam is currently working for Dr. Hilary Grocott at St. Boniface Hospital conducting several research studies.

Morvarid Kavosh, Research Assistant. Morvarid previously practiced as a general practitioner in Iran prior to emigrating to Canada in 2011. Morvarid is currently working for Dr. Eric Jacobsohn at St. Boniface Hospital on the ENGAGES-CANADA Trial.

Marita Monterola, Research Assistant. Marita has over 3 years of broad clinical-based research experience in perioperative medicine and anesthesia, in conducting both local and national research trials.  Marita is a foreign-trained MD (Phillippines) and had practiced medicine for more than 20 years in the Phillippines.

Dr. Renée El-Gabalawy, Assistant Professor. Dr. El-Gabalawy is a clinician-scientist with a split appointment between Anesthesia & Perioperative Medicine and Clinical Health Psychology at the Health Sciences Centre. She has expertise in both epidemiological and clinical-based research. Dr. El-Gabalawy is primary research supervisor for several anesthesia residents, is available for consultation, and welcomes collaborative opportunities. She is involved in several studies focusing on perioperative medicine and chronic pain. For more information on Dr. El-Gabalawy’s research program see: