Brain Tumor Research Alliance of MB

Brain Tumor Research Alliance of Manitoba (BTRAM) is a collaborative forum for brain tumor researchers in Manitoba who meet on a monthly basis to share research and plan new initiatives.


  • to achieve innovation in research and advancement in brain tumor treatment by integrating clinical and basic medical science expertise and resources.
  • to deliver the most advanced medical expertise and clinical care for the benefit of brain tumor patients and their relatives.
  • to provide a platform for brain tumor research with advanced networking among researchers in Manitoba.
  • to establish centralized data collection of all brain tumor resources in Manitoba and network with other brain tumor centers in Canada and the US.


  • To establish a patient-centered care which includes advanced diagnostic strategies, molecular tumor phenotyping, comprehensive treatment options and follow-up.
  • to expand an integrated central patient data base for comprehensive data analysis of genetic/ molecular/ metabolic/ proteomic profiles, clinical parameters, treatments and responses.

Promote research addressing key issues in brain tumor research:

  • new diagnostic markers for early detection, prognosis and brain tumor monitoring;
  • new therapeutic strategies
  • the role of the stem-like compartment in tumor propagation;
  • tumor cell heterogeneity;
  • the effect of the tumor micro-environment on the behavior of brain tumors.

Current expertise provided by the team:

  • Stem cell propagation (pediatric and adult brain tumors)
  • Animal models of brain tumors and various in vitro cell models and functional assays
  • Molecular aspects of chemoresistance in brain tumor and nanotherapeutics
  • Advanced neuroradiology and metabolic imaging
  • Blood-brain-barrier
  • Brain tissue printing, mass spectrometry and proteomic analysis
  • Tissue and cell procurement and clinical data bank
  • Integrated Faculty Service Platform resources and high-resolution fluorescence imaging

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Mission Statement:

"To provide an integrative platform for clinical health professionals and basic science experts to foster research into molecular causes of brain tumor and the advancement of new treatment options for patients with pediatric and adult brain tumors."

BTRAM Members 

2017 Meeting Schedule/Speakers:

  • tentatively Wed. December 13 - Speaker TBA

Presentation are announced by email
Grant Support

Drs. Thomas Klonisch & Jerry Krcek

For more information, contact:

Dr. Thomas Klonisch