Anatomy Themed Crossword Puzzles
Despite the decrease in human anatomy teaching hours that have occurred in medical curricula over the past several years, this basic science still remains the corner stone of modern medicine.  It also continues to be a challenge for students to master.  Although there now are a variety of teaching methods to assist the learning process there is still no easy way to understand and remember the structure, function and clinical significance of the myriad of body parts.
Although students differ in their methods of study and learning this subject matter, few would dispute the importance and value of repeated self-testing and review as learning aids. Some might even suggest that they are the best aide-memoire.

With this in mind a collection of themed crossword puzzles are here provided to give students yet another, and rather novel way to assist in their learning and retaining human anatomy.  The cognitive scientist Marvin Minsky is quoted as saying "You don't understand anything until you learn it more than one way."  As a rather non-traditional educational tool in the form of this popular word game students can use these puzzles to quiz themselves in a fun, relaxed yet challenging manner.

The subject matter is organized along the conventional methods of human anatomy instruction, basic body regions and major organ systems as detailed below.  The crossword puzzles are intended for use by all and any health science students whose program of study includes human gross anatomy and neuroanatomy as a basis for understanding function and disease.

Each asymmetrical crossword is custom made with selected across and down clues that conform to important anatomic structures, words, and clinical terms and examples pertinent to the various body regions and systems.  Generic dictionary words are seldom used.  The puzzles are designed and ideally intended to be attempted and completed after the relevant material has been adequately covered  in lecture, lab or case studies.

A symmetrical freeform type of crossword puzzles are inherently difficult to solve because words intersect in only a few places and therefore clues lead to answers with few or no additional hints.

To make these puzzles less challenging a bank of answer words that the puzzle solver can draw from is also provided.  Additionally, solutions for all puzzles are provided by clicking on the link (Anatomy Themed Crossword Puzzle Solutions).
Osteology 1

Cranial Nerves 1

Head and Neck 1
Head and Neck 2
Head and Neck 3

Thorax 1

Cardiovascular System 1

Abdomen 1

Upper Extremity 1
Upper Extremity 2

Pelvis and Perineum 1

Nervous System 1
Nervous System 2
Nervous System 3

General 1
General 2
General 3
General 4

History of Science and Medicine 1