Research Assistants
Tasnim Beacon, Lab Manager / Research Assistant | Yan Hai, Lab Manager

Tasnim Beacon, Lab Manager / Research Assistant

My interest in epigenetics lie at the core due to my fascination towards understanding the mechanism(s) behind the turning on/off of genes and how this orchestrates into physiological consequences. My research investigates nucleosome depleted regions in the chicken and human genomes and the characterization of active histone PTM broad domains. My research deals with designing bioinformatic pipelines to analyze and identify regulatory regions.



Yan Hai, Lab Manager

I am fascinated by how life sciences hook up our daily experiences through epigenetics. For an example, prenatal cigarette smoke have a negative effect that would embed into a baby’s genome, causing early childhood diseases such as asthma later on. The purpose of life sciences is to help figure out solutions to intervene and heal diseases. By studying epigenetics, especially through animal model, we may figure out diagnostic markers and ways to block the link of environmental factors and bio-embedment, or even more, to correct impaired epigenetic patterns by CRISPR-Cas9 technology. I am glad I got the opportunity getting involved.