Summer Early Exposure
The Summer Early Exposure Program is intended for Year I and Year II (pre-clerkship) medical students providing opportunity to experience/explore a clinical setting.


  • University of Manitoba students will receive credit on their MSPR (Medical Student Performance Report) for each successfully registered and completed Summer Early Exposure.
  • Program takes place from approximately May 30-August 15 each summer (commences after Convocation).
  • UGME starts accepting applications on the first Monday in May and the deadline for all applications is June 30 (annually)
  • To allow for processing, submit your application to UGME 2 weeks prior to the start date of the exposure.
  • Each Exposure must be a minimum of 10 full days (8 hour shifts); days do not need to be consecutive but may be spread out throughout the summer.
  • Student is responsible for setting up the exposure using the contact list provided or through other modes of networking.
  • Student is responsible for ensuring all evaluations are completed and submitted to UGME.
  • Students must do an exposure if they wish to do shadowing over the summer. If you are registered for an exposure you are automatically covered by malpractice/liability insurance and in turn are able to do shadowing. 


  1. Read Policy
  2. Review Options
  3. Set it up: Who to Contact (Preceptor's email addresses cannot be listed but we trust you can use your resources to find their contact information) 
  4. Complete Application Form.
  5. Wait for UGME to email you to pay registration fee (only one fee no matter how many exposures you do)
  6. Do exposure, present evaluation form to Preceptor
  7. Hand in Evaluation Forms to Year 1 or Year 2 admins (see right column for contact information) or 260 Brodie

Traveling Out-of-Province?

Complete the same forms and steps listed above.  If you are asked for a letter of good standing this may be requested from Anna Urbanik, UGME Enrolment Administrator via email at

Traveling Out-of-Country?

In addition to the forms listed above, the following will need to be completed and turned into or 260 Brodie.


Applications must be received at least 45 days prior to the start of the exposure.

Visiting pre-clerkship students must meet the following requirements to be eligible to participate in the Summer Early Exposure Program:

  1. Visiting students must organize their own Summer Early Exposure, follow instructions on application form, and complete the package for Visiting Students.

  2. Must be registered as a visiting student participating in the Summer Early Exposure Program by UGME Office - Max Rady College of Medicine - this will take place after we receive your application.

  3. Must have University of Manitoba registration fee paid in full prior to participation on the ward/clinic and have met all the application requirements (instructions for payment will be sent to you).

  4. Students must complete the PHIA Confidentiality Training online before the exposure starts (instructions will be sent to you). 

Questions about the Summer Early Exposure Program, please contact:

Eliya Ichihashi
Administrator, Electives
UGME Office, Max Rady College of Medicine
Tel: 204.789.3291

University of Manitoba students should submit their applications and forms to the following people:

Year 1
Leah Gottfried

Year 2
Anu Bajwa