UGME Student Educational Exposures (Course Leaders)
Course Leaders:

Student Educational Exposures represent an opportunity for instructors to receive student assistance with developing or improving teaching materials. The mission is to facilitate the realization of instructors’ educational goals, improve the learning experience of UGME students and create a future generation of scholars and leaders.

This program will connect you with students who will provide personnel support to further the goal of continuous curriculum development. This is an opportunity to both assist instructors and to develop the teaching skills of medical students.

Students’ role will to be to actively assist in the development of course content, such as lectures and assigned studies, in collaboration with individual instructors or course leaders. This would also include updating existing assigned studies to reflect the guidelines for assigned studies presented to the Pre-Clerkship Curriculum Committee (2018).

Your role as an instructor would be to guide students towards your vision of the final product and to ensure its accuracy. The role of the students’ will be to produce those desired changes. Participating UGME students will strive for flexible scheduling that suits your timelines throughout the academic year or the summer.

There is no cost to you for these services. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn about this initiative. Feel free to forward this to any colleagues who you think would be interested in this resource. Please reach out if there are any questions or concerns.

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